Some Logic About The Price Increase

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  1. I'm new here, so hello ladies! I've been lurking around and reading some threads, and I've noticed in the LV thread, people are freaking out about the price increase and going out to buy something. Why, to save $50 to $100? But, if you think about it, you're spending over a thousand dollars in some cases, so what is another $100. How are you saving money if you're going out and spending hundreds?? This "rush to buy" would only apply to those who have like 5 or more bags on their list to buy, or they have on really expensive bag on their list. Otherwise, there's no rush to go and buy a speedy or a wallet, or any other accessory. You simiply are talking about saving something insignificant compared to what you have to pay for the actual, already ridiculously expensive LV bag. Do you guys see what I'm trying to say? If not, please explain.
    P.S. What's this craze about the Damier speedy? Did everyone have to go and buy one?
  2. Good luck trying to post on an LV thread about how ridiculously expensive LV bags are and expecting people to agree with you :lol:

    We ladies here love our LV bags and if we were going to buy one anyway why not do it now and save $100 bucks. Its actually pretty simple.

    Perhaps you are thinking too hard, no?
  3. if i was planning on buying something eventually and i knew the price was going up, i'd buy it now to save a couple of bucks...could get something else with the difference...always shopping! :biggrin:
  4. EEP! Expensive yes, but you get what you pay for! I was not in any rush to purchase the Damier Speedy...I had to decide between the Damier and the Mono and I chose the Damier. And I agree, if you are planning on buying an LV piece anyway, why not save some money?
  5. Well for me, I know that this summer I wanted like 6 new items, so if they went up 50-100 that would be another 600 dollars that I would have paid. So, I paid the same amount I would have paid all summer long now, instead of that total being 600 dollars more after June. Makes perfect sense to me!!
  6. I just got two very expensive LVs and hopefull saved a lot (they were on my list to buy anyways).:smile:
  7. Also---my SA told me yesterday that they already started tagging bags with the new prices and some itens went up over $150!!!

    That is a lot:Push:
  8. If I were planning on purchasing the bag anyway, then yes, a $100 savings is DEFINITELY worth it to me!:amuse:
  9. Boy. I must not be too bright because I don't understand the question.

    Whether it's a purse or a new car or a CD....if you know the price is going to go up (and especially when you know the date of the price increase) on something you were going to buy anyway...why NOT buy it BEFORE the price increase? Isn't that the logical/sensible thing to do?

    Seems pretty darned simple to me!! :yes:
  10. Medgirl - This is the 2nd price increase LV has had this year. The last one was in February. So it is not just the number of bags, and saving money on the very high end LV bags. I think the increases are 3-4 times a year which can actually add up to the cost of a bag so why not take advantage of the savings.
  11. YOU TOOK THE WORDS RIGHT OUT OF MY MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was ready to write the same thing:graucho: :graucho: I just spent over 5,000 this month on LV bags only (not counting my chanel watch chanel bags etc) so I DID SAVE $$$$ on my lV bags...Before you ask such a question you really most think before you type:graucho: ;)
  12. What is another $100? Well this is a BIG purchase for me, I have been saving for a while and I won't have it all before the price increase so I am stuck with maybe having to save another $100, $100 is like a bill to me and it doesn't come easy, $20? not too bad. Not everyone has the money in the bank or a credit card they can easily plunk down and get the bag!

    So basically yes it is a big deal to me!
  13. I totally agree and that's why I ordered my Damier Speedy 25 today. I already knew I would be getting one (original plan was to get it in a few months for fall). I'd rather get it now and save some $.

    I can see why you are thinking "what's another $100 bucks when you are spending over $1000?". But you know what $100 bucks is ---- maybe 2 dinners for my DH and I at a restaurant, 4 new works shirts, etc. etc
  14. It should be interesting to see what the price increase really ends up being. We all have heard such conflicting reports.
  15. One bag that I looked at last night I KNOW is going up by $90 b-cuz it was already tagged.

    it was the new multicolor tote. I don't know the name but it costs $1710 now and the new tag said $1800. :shocked: It was the larger sized tote
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