Some legal help with divorce

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  1. One of my friends wants a divorce from her husband. They got married in their own country but came to the US for grad school. The husband and wife are both in the same state, but in different universities. My friend is planning to graduate soon and move to the Northeast (They are now in the Midwest).

    Being grad students they don't want to spend lots of money on lawyers, and don't have much property to split up. My friend told me that she had heard there were ways to handle the paperwork without the help of a lawyer since their split will be (sort of!) amicable.

    I have read a couple posts here were people did that, but I'm not sure how they did it, where they got the paperwork, etc.

    Would anyone be able to advise me? She also has a third option of using a power of attorney and filing in courts in her home country (legal costs are lower), but that would be an inconvenience for her as she is living in the US.

  2. No real advice on the DIY divorce, but I do know many people who use Mediators to save costs.
  3. If they were married in the U.S. i'm sure it would be easy for them to file the neccessary paperwork with the courts without a lawyer. Unfortunately since they were married over seas it will probably be more difficult. Because of this, and the fact they don't want to spend much the power of attourney seems the best way to go.
  4. My ex and I did it ourselves, with a para legal to check the forms and file them for us, it was very easy. Check nolo press, they have good legal self help books, and she can check her area for paralegal services

  5. Usually dissolution of marriage is based on residency rather than where the marriage took place :smile:
  6. Was just going to say that!
  7. I can't contribute about divorce in the US but we had to get our marriage certificate (UK) legalised to be accepted both in Europe and Middle East. not sure if that is even necessary for divorce? but in any case they might need the paper to 'prove' their rightful marriage, in order to get divorced?

    sorry if that doesn't make any sense...
  8. My dh and his 1st wife divorced without attorneys. It was very amicable and easy for them, they just had a paralegal file for them.

  9. really? Seemed the question was asked in such a way that it was more difficult because the marriage didn't happen in the U.S. Oh well ya learn somethin new everyday.
  10. I wasn't sure about that either, and whether it also depended on which state the person was in. I've heard that in NY and some other states you can't get a no-fault divorce?

    Anyhow, my friend will be happy to hear this. Are paralegals available in courthouses?

  11. yeah i believe it's hard to get a nofault divorce in NY.

    If you call your local state bar association, they might be able to refer you to a paralegal and give your friend some basic tips or help. mine was really helpful when i needed legal help.
  12. ^^^You can also check with Legal Aid society in the area.
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