Some Le Creuset questions...color and shape

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  1. I have a few Le Creuset pieces in Caribbean (the turquoise blue)...a 2.75 qt French oven, a small sauce pan, 9" skillet, and the grill/griddle (that is just flat black). I am wanting a French oven in a larger size for roasts and corned beef brisket. Should I get the oval? I am thinking a 5 qt oval, but Williams Sonoma has a 4.5 qt round with a trivet on special right now. I also am wondering if I can mix the new "Ocean" color (a grey/green/slate bluish color) with the Caribbean items I have already. Does anyone recommend one shape over the other?

    I am attaching a pic of the new Ocean color from Williams Sonoma's website.

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  2. I have a round 5 qt in Lemongrass (lime green) and a few other pieces in green as well as the caribbean blue color. I like the look of them mixed up! I don't know what the benefit of the oval shape is, I guess it depends what you are cooking, but we haven't come across anything that doesn't work in the round one yet.
  3. I have the oval in red and love it. Do you use it for pot roasts moreso than stews? If you have a bigger roast I woukd think the oval gives you more room especially if you add potatoes carrots etc. I normally have a 4-5 lb roast and have just enough room for veggies.

    I think mixing colors is fun. They are all so pretty.
  4. I plan to use it for roasts and for chicken dishes, including recipes that call for chicken quarters. I guess the round is probably more efficient if using the stove AND oven, so I may go for that one if the size will accommodate my roasts! You guys made me feel more comfortable about the color mixing. Thanks!
  5. I'm not sure if mixing Caribbean and Ocean would work unless you're going for varying shades of blue - then you should add another blue to the collection so it starts to come together. Personally, I'd choose something super contrasting, or in the same color range (brights together, jewel tones together, pastels together).

    As for the shape, I have the 5qt oval for roasting and it's perfect. When I need another size, I'd probably buy another oval over a round.
  6. I have the LC roasting pan and use that for most chicken dishes, it works great to crisp up the skin and still has room for veggies on the side. I got some of my stuff as a set and it was a lot cheaper to do it that way if you will use more than one piece.
  7. I would definitely mix blues...not a big color person, and definitely not contrasting colors. I need to go look at the oval in person.

  8. you can mix any colors you want! i have been buying the cobalt...but frankly now i prefer the reds. i guess they will all look good for the 4th of july!
  9. I have all different colors of le creuset...I think it's more fun to mix! I also have round & oval. I use the round most often for the same reasons others have said...stove top & oven.