Some lady in Orange County owes me *big time*!!!

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  1. I popped in to my H boutique today to pick up a few last minutes gifts for my husband. Equipage and a pair of cufflinks.

    At the front scarf counter, there was a man and SA, and he was trying to decide between two bags for his wife.

    He was looking at a croc Lindy and the most beautiful, soft, glowing Kelly in Gold Clemence. :drool:

    He was kind of going back and forth and looked at me and asked my opinion. I told him Kelly, hands down. He asked me to model it for him.

    Dude, I swooped that bag up so stinkin' fast and paraded around the store like a freaking peacock. :yahoo:

    He looked at the SA, said "Box her up!" and thanked me for my help in the decision. :smile:

    My work here is done. :angel:
  2. I was there yesterday and saw that bag! It was beautiful!! Good job OCMOMMY!! You are a true Hermes Angel!
  3. It was the gold 32 kelly retourne clemence. Pheew! Thank goodness that is gone!!! THANK YOU!!! I heard about that one and avoided the store! Oh I got off track Excellent job SHE OWES YOU!!!!!
  4. So tell :tup::tdown: on the olive troika
  5. LOL how cool is that!! good job OCMom!!!! :tup::tup:
  6. I am really new to all of this, so is that the other Kelly that was in the case?

    If so, it was stunning...not my style, but absolutely stunning!!! Troika is the fur that is often mistaken for pony, right? My SA actually referred to it as pony, so maybe we are thinking about different bags?
  7. Yes, with the fur! It was described as olive green fur. Not the black, brown, or blond fur. I don't know if it was still there. I am not interested in buying it but the color piqued my interest. I thought it would be either really Yes!!! or really No!!!.
  8. Nope, this must have been another looked more like the bag ion your avatar. Definitely more of a blonde. :smile:

    The black Birkin that was there yesterday was already gone today. Less than 24 hours and *whoosh*...under someone's tree. :love:
  9. Well, someone liked green! Thank You!!! Go! Black birkin Go!
  10. Did you happen to notice how much the kelly was going for?
  11. OH, that's a great story!!! What fun to be part of someone's great gift!!

    amytude: I recently got a 32 Kelly retourne in Togo and it was $5940-ish. Just under $6,000 without tax. I'm not sure if clemence is more or less or the same.
  12. Now THAT's somebody's Christmas Miracle!

    Well done!
  13. What a fab job you have completed! Outstanding indeed:tup:..what a lucky lady she is:love:
  14. You were like a live centerfold for Hermes! Good for you!
  15. ocmommy, what a great story!!! I'm sure the wife of the man will be very pleased. :smile: