some Kooba sales (online)

  1. I was browsing a few sites, and thought I'd post some of the Kooba sales I saw online.

    From eluxury
    Mischa Canvas Bag (natural): was $495, now $249
    Sloane Belted Large Tote (black): was $645, now $449
    Jessie Python Embossed Leather Small Bag (ebano): was $535, now $379

    From Revolve Clothing
    Paige Python Embossed (antique rose): was $705, now $353
    Sloane (black): was $675, now $473
    Jessie Python Embossed (antique rose): was $563, now $395
    Paige Python Embossed (ebano): was $705, now $494
    Jessie Python Embossed (ebano): was $563, now $395
    Ginger in (metallic brown): was $663, now $465
    Haydon in (metallic brown): was $310, now $217
    Carla in (metallic brown): now $342
    Maria in (metallic brown): was $444, now $253
    Sloane (bark): was $675, now $473
    Sloane (honey): now $338
    Gretchen in (black, bark, or honey): was $625, now $438
    Lena (bark): was $655, now $459

    From Kooba
    Just check their sale page, there are lots:

    From Pink Mascara
    Jillian (black): was $595, now $505.75
    Ginger (black): was $635, now $539.75
    Annie Shoulder Bag (black): was $625, now $437.50

    From Neiman Marcus
    Carla Leather Hobo (butter): was $750, now $563

    My apologies for any errors!
  2. Thanks so much for those.

    Awesome prices there, doubt they will be there long.

  3. Wow. That goes to show patience saves you money.

    They are clearing out for the Fall intros. When do those start to appear? Sept.?
  4. Just came across a couple on sale on Adasa too

    Paige in Ebano $399.95
    Mackenzie in Antique Rose(Embossed python) $199.95
  5. If we can control ourselves and wait, you can always get a sale eventually.
    You know when all H*ll breaks loose??? The weeks after Christmas until New Years. The prices were unbelievable. I bought a couple but I vowed I would control myself in the year and go nuts after Christmas. I haven't done the first part so well but I will definitely take advantage of some of those New Year's sales.
  6. That's just not possible now Lexie, way too long a wait from now until then haha... But when the after Christmas sales come this year, I'll defnitely be taking better advantage of the sales with my new found knowledge gathered from this forum. :nuts:
  7. Ooh, I better start saving! Like I'm not going to be completely broke right after the holidays and college graduation. Oy!
  8. Thanks for the tip on the sale info...I jut got the brown Maria for $253 (hal off, thank you very much!), which also begins my official purse ban for the next 12 months, LOL! Since I joined this forum in March, I have bought (shudder) a Dior tote, Marc Jacobs hobo, Miu Miu belted satchel and 2 fricking Koobas. Anyone besides myself think I have a problem???
  9. Thanks for the info! There are some great deals out there.

    Part of the fun for me is finding a way to avoid paying retail. Like someone else here said, you just have to patient... which is very, very hard when we're talking about Kooba fever.

    Now that I have my Lena, Paige, and Nicole, I need to start looking for a good deal on a Sydney.

    I've decided that'll be my next purchase but sadly, it's going to have to wait until at LEAST August or Sept.
  10. Same here! I love knowing I saved almost $400 on my Kooba Ginger, it makes it even more amazing to carry.

    And mkdallas, I know what you mean, these forums are very very dangerous to my finances. :p