Some Kooba Deals

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  1. :yes: Hi girls, somewhat of a lurker in this subforum. I don't own a Kooba (yet).. Anyway, I've been doing a bit of surf windowshopping and found a few kooba deals.

    1) A bunch of koobas (incl the Kooba Ginger in Metallic Brown) are on sale at If you type in the code "PRESALE" you can get an additional 20% off! I tried it and it works! The Ginger comes out to about USD260 *groan* :crybaby:. I wish I could get it, but I really don't need another brown bag...

    2) currently has 20% off on selected items, alot of which are koobas, including Natasha in Ink, etc (no patent sorry) and the Charlie in black.

    Have fun!
  2. Thanks for the tip!
  3. man i wish i had money lol... booo thanks for the tip tho cuz now i know more places to keep my eyeballs peeled! NM has a couple on sale and so does elux and a few other places toooo
  4. Wow! That Kooba Ginger is sweet, but I've bought 3 purses already this month and I have to resist! :wtf:

    I don't know if anyone's interested, but the Shirise site seems to be offering a smooth Sienna for 20% off. Not sure of the colour. Tan maybe?
  5. jade, I checked it, it's Cognac, how lovely:heart: And 20% off!

  6. Ooh. Isn't this quite a rare find? Someone buy it! :yes:
  7. A Kooba for $260!!! That's a great deal but I already have a brown Kooba Kelsey bag. Thanks for the info though.
  8. Thanks for the heads up, love love love Kooba bags!

    -I've got one Kooba, the Haydon.
  9. Thank you for the tip on Shirise -- I NEVER would have found that site if it weren't for you girls. I got the smooth Sienna in cognac! Thanks also to anyone who posted in the smooth vs. pebbled Sienna thread, esp. the current Sienna owners -- you really helped me make my selection.
  10. Well I have a kooba ginger in black I have been procrastinating about selling if you need a bag in black! Brand new from the sample sale.

    Anyway, thanks for the link and the coupon!!