Some Jerk . . . .

  1. The Queen Street Bay has the Fine Jewelry counter next to the Godiva display. (I don't wat to say section, because there's a bigger counter downstairs.)

    I work i the jewelry sectio ad I'm standing i frot of a couter next to the Godiva when a customer walks by (a young guy). As he walks by, he looks at me and goes, "You better cut back on those Godiva chocolates! I know they're good, though!"

    In what universe is that okay? He could be joking, but that doesn't make it right! For all he knows I could be sensitive about my weight! (And I kind of am!)

    Wouldn't he just assume that all women would not want to hear someone say that to them?
  2. OMG What a butt head! He is lucky you didn't deck him! LOL
  3. What an a$$.

    Queen St. Bay... Lexington MA...? I'm confused.
  4. What an effin ass. Sorry that happened Caitlin. = (
  5. What a creep. First of all, maybe he wasn't "right" - you know, maybe has some social issues that keeps him from knowing "what's right and what's not right to say..." That's me being nice. However, on the other hand, you just have to know that there are nasty nasty people out there (unfortunately)...and they will just be nasty for the fun of it. I'm sorry - whether it be about weight, or a look, or something you're wearing, or something that is out there - we're all fodder for people that just don't have enough class to be normal. Just let it slide. You're a wonderful person (here, I don't even know you! "-) and there are people that love you. Maybe he just needed to get :censor:
  6. Caitlin....what an ASS!!! I will never forget a few months after my son was born, I was out for a night of fun and this jerk said to me, "Maybe you should try doing a few situps!" And I was a size 2!!! Apparently no matter how big or small someone idiot is always an idiot!! I think that my reply to him was something like, "I most certainly can do a few situps, but what can be done about your obvious personality flaws?" He was truly he didn't know he was being rude! Some people just have no social skills....
  7. What a loser! He must be having his own personal problems to be making rude comments to someone he doesn't even know. That's just uncalled for.
  8. I WAS in Lexington. I moved to Toronto aout two months ago.
  9. What an ass! Sorry that happened to you!
  10. B@$t@rd
  11. How rude!!!
  12. omg who the hell does he think he is? I would have been pissed.
  13. You go, girl! I would've loved to see the look on that jerk's face when you said that!
  14. wow. what an idiot. im sorry to hear that.
  15. WHAT?!! That is so rude!