Some information on my new bag...

  1. I was given this bag for a birthday gift this week by my boss. It was purchased locally at the Burberry store on 11/01/07. I am curious about the $$$. For some reason, I cannot find this bag ANYWHERE on line so I don't really know how to find out other than going to the store. The gift receipt was in the box...but of course, it doesn't have the $$$. On the receipt, it says BABYHOXTON SHIMMER. Where the price would be is says DJF.00. It is a beautiful bag. Any clues? I am new to all this....Thanks, Guys! CURIOUS! (NOSEY!)
    Burberry Bag 1.jpg Burberry Bag 2.jpg Burberry Bag 3.jpg
  2. I don't know the exact price, but I think it retails for 600 $ or more
  3. SHUT UP! You're kidding? My boss is a physician and I know that he and his wife love me but WOW! I thought maybe around $400...
  4. wow gorgeous bag... nice birthday gift from your boss! ~
  5. I am in love with this bag but it's almost too "dressy" for everyday...what do YOU think? I do feel so special when I carry it!
  6. i think it'll look good with just jeans and a blazer... cardigan.. it'll go with everything!!
  7. Thanks, Annac. I will do that. It is too beautiful not to use....:heart: