Some info on Shepton Mallet please!

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  1. Hello everyone, I would like some advice/info. My husband is off to Bristol for business one day next week and I was thinking of going with him and going to the Mulberry Factory shop. The two main drawbacks though are the 3 hour drive :nuts: and taking my 4 month old baby too :nuts: :nuts: :wtf:. He is very good in the car so hopefully will sleep most of the way there (we will be leaving early) but I wondered if there would be anywhere to feed and change him at the shop? Also what time does it open and most importantly of all, is it worth the trip? My hubby has given me some money for a new bag, plus hopefully I will have some eBay money by then, so hopefully it will go further there than a trip to Bluewater (ie paying full price). Would be nice for baby and I to have a day out.

    I was thinking of combining it with a trip to Wookey Hole and possibly the Clarks village to fill up the day. Any advice or opinions would be welcome, along with what bags they might have in at the moment (would I be unlikely to see any Roxanne's given the amount that have been purchased here lately? :P)

    Sorry about the essay, baby brain prevents me from expressing my self well!

    Oh, also, is parking easy/cheap @ SM?
  2. yes there is plenty of parking ( except on the first day of the sales ) good baby changing area and somewhere to feed him . Also a little cafe for you to ponder your proposed purchases !!! Don't think you will get wookey hole and clarks village in as well . Easy to spend a few hours in Mulberry . Staff are fantastic and will do anything to help if they can . Enjoy your day . ;)
  3. Charliefarlie I would definitely say it is worth it. I live in Leicestershire so Shepton Mallett is not convenient for me to get to, but this Sunday my daughter was playing in a badminton tournament in Bristol so I went along with my DH & DD to the venue in Bristol and then set the sat nav for SM, after struggling to get around Bristol CC (many U turns later!!) I made it to SM (it was a lovely drive in the countryside).

    The shop is lovely with bags & clothes and a cafe, I found the SA's extremely helpful and came away with an Oak Roxanne, a Lemon Roxanne & a Red Vinyl Tote - all off the damaged shelf & costing me just an extra £50 on top of my vouchers for the return of the Patent Pink Mabel at Bicester before Christmas. I know you have more things to take into account when travelling, but if you can manage it I say "go for it".

  4. ^^^ Bristol to Shepton by sat nav is a nightmare !!!!
  5. Thank you both Stannymanny and Mulberrymania, that is very helpful. I think we will go for it unless DS is in a screaming mood that day. Do you think I could just do Wookey Hole and Shepton? I used to love going there as a child, (not too bothered by Clarks village) and I will have 6 odd hours - much as I love Mulberry, I'm not sure I could spend that long in one shop!

    We went to Bristol in the Autumn - when I was quite heavily pregnant, so I remember the nightmare of Bristol roads. Wanted to go to Shepton Mallet then but we couldn't find it (no sat nav at time) and DH was getting cranky so we gave up.

    Getting excited, hope they have lots I like. Shall take my secret credit card which DH doesn't know about, just in case :sneaky:
  6. It normally smells of cider outside !! Cider factory next door . I think Wookey hole and Shepton would be great .
  7. Cider factory, now that sounds good! :tup:
  8. The parking is free and there's plenty of it. There's good facilities and I'm fairly sure there's a baby change room.
    I'd ignore the sat nav if you're coming from Bristol & just use a good old map as sat nav will take you all around the houses.
    Glastonbury would probably be a better bet than Wookey Hole if you're looking to do something else as well. Clarks Village is a fair distance away at Street.
    It's v easy to while away a good 2-3 hours in Mulberry especially if you have a coffee stop in the cafe.
  9. Went to Shepton Mallet for the first time at the beginning of this month and it is excellent. I did see some Roxanne's there but they were not the most neutral of colours. There were lots of the Roxanne totes in various colours. Glastonbury is really close by and has some great food places and the Clark's village can be really good (personally I prefer the housewares it sells, rather than the clothes)
  10. Oh I soooo want to go to Shepton Mallet!! Hope you have a great trip Charlie....
  11. charliefarlie - enjoy yourself - what a great day out!! very jealous - the thought of a mulberry shop that is so big that you can spend 2-3hrs in is extremely exciting!!:sunshine:
  12. Thanks everyone. I am really looking forward to my trip now (couldn't sleep last night as I was too excited! How sad), I will report back and tell you what I buy - I may even add pictures if I am feeling generous. Fingers crossed they will have something I like - is the shop quite big?

    Mulberry and Caves, a day made in heaven for me :heart:
  13. Have a lovely time CF, totally envious, hope you find a little something that suits.

    What are the caves you going to?
  14. google maps!!! whenever your dicey about going somewhere - do google maps - print out a map and so if the satnav messes up you've got something to rely on. i find ordinary maps confusing because i can't get my bearings. on google maps you have big red arrows pointing at where you want to go - just a suggestion :tup:

  15. It's an old Victorian school so it is quite big. The main area has clothes at one end & bags/accessories at the other. There's a smaller section for luggage & then the cafe and menswear.