Some info on purchasing Michael Kors in Canada if anyone is interested

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  1. Muranogrl - got some info you may be interested in.

    This is for Canadian customers.

    Was at the MK store tonight and I asked many questions about ordering, transfers, etc. I was told that:
    • they do not transfer bags from other stores
    • BUT on the rare occasion that they would or could, there is a $25 charge and they will only get it from another store within Canada; they will not order in from the USA for customers
    • the website ordering is operated my Neiman Marcus (not Nordstrom as I said before, my mistake)
    • bags ordered from the website cannot be returned to a store - they have to be returned back to the USA - shipping charges are on the customer.
    • Even if the bag arrives damaged is has to be sent back to the USA
    • The Canadian Kors operates independently from the USA Kors
    • All duties and taxes are collected by Canada Customs upon arrival of the item into Canada
    • The SA I spoke to said it really isn't worth it - the risk and responsibility is all on the customer and the stores will not have anything to do with merchandise ordered from the website
    • 10 day refund/exchange policy applies to the Canadian stores
    I posted some of this info in another post here somewhere, but since I got more info tonight I thought it deserved it's own thread.

    Hope that helps.
  2. thank you for the information, i like Michael Kors, i usually just go to Yorkdale though never thought of ordering anything, but now i would know!
  3. You do know about the Kors outlet in the Vaughan Mills mall, right? I talked to them a few times now and they say they have factory and full price merchandise, all kind of sales and boutique deletes, clothes, watches, bags, accessories - just not shoes.

    I'm going on Thanksgiving weekend, I can't wait!! I saw some of his coats tonight at the store for about $500, I'm hoping to get a coat at the factory for a lower price. Love his clothes too!!
  4. YES YES YES! I got an awesome deal on a Michael by Michael Kors belt! Originally $100, got it for $49.99! Also got a good deal on jeans! As for your MK shoe fix, you can get it at the Browns outlet just a couple doors down! It's a good thing that my DF lives about 10-15mins away from Vaughan Mills. Though I'm sure he doesn't see it the way I do :P
  5. that's for the information!! I'm so glad that you laid it all out for us, Canadian girls here, crissy!!!
  6. he also has MK wool scarves......TDF!!!!! Just got one and it's GORGEOUS! Cant wait to wear it with my winter coat all winter I would LOVE a Michael Kors wool coat....hmmmmmmm LOL
  7. Thanks Crissy. I guess that I will just stick with the store. I wonder if the store would mail?
  8. I never thought to ask that question, but if they did, I'm sure there would be a charge. But you have a store opening close to you very soon don't you?

    I went in to see that bronze Uptown Astor and the store didn't have it, and it looked like it would ge a major PITA to get them to try to find me one. When she said there would be a $25 charge if they could find it in Canada, I explained to the SA how Coach does this complimentary for customers. I know you are kinda ticked off at Coach right now, and more sympathetic I could not be as I completely get it, but they really do have the best customer service in the industry.
  9. LOL. Yes I am ticked off at coach. You're right though. They are very good at getting a bag to you, wether it be from another store or Jax.
    I'm still waiting to hear back from coach about repairing my embroidered audrey. It's been 5 weeks. It still hasn't even been processed at coach.
    I am sort of half way between Edmonton and Calgary. Edmonton has a store and now calgary has just openned a store. Both are still over an hours drive though. Same as coach though:smile: Coach will let me buy over the phone though and ship it to my home for free.
  10. Thanks for the info., Chrissy!! I was at HR last night and was touching some of the MK bags :smile:! I saw the Hamiltons and just sighed when I saw the prices :sad:! I am hoping that I can get to the outlet and see what is cooking up there :smile:!
  11. Thank you!
  12. Well don't ever check out car prices in the US - you'll really be ticked off. :nuts: I guess that's how I look at it. Sadly as Canadians we have to pay more for most things in Canada. My BMW was a heck of a lot cheaper in the US - I even went to test drive one in Syracuse (because the model hadn't hit Canada yet) and the salesguy explained to me that they aren't even allowed to sell to Canadians, but he did let me take the car out for a nice long test drive. I ended up buying it here because I loved the car, but what are you gonna do? I look at Kors the same way. Sure Coach is on par, but really that is the exception to the rule.
  13. We've bought two vehicles in the states and my engagement ring. It was a huge difference. You're right! Things have changed though, I just wish that all of the prices would reflect it...
  14. Really? Most of the dealerships that border Ontario in the USA are not allowed to sell to Canada. My ex-boss managed to buy a new Hyundai in Florida, but the New York dealerships wouldn't touch it. At least BMW let me test drive a car, the Audi sales guys wouldn't even talk to us when we said we were from Canada.
  15. We bought a murano in texas and a tacoma in new york. They were both through a dealership. That was a couple of years ago now though.