Some Info Needed...

  1. Hey guys! I am attending the Art Institute of Ca-SF. I'm a marketing major and am doing a brand profile of my favorite brand...Hermes. I need to so research on Hermes customers, so if you guys could answer a few questions for me that would be great. feel free to pm your answers. Thanks in advance!! Robert

    Marital Status:
    Family at home:
    What are your favorite brands?
    What do you like about the brand?
    What draws you to Hermes?
    How does it make you feel to carry Hermes?
    How Long have you liked Hermes?
    Do you friends and family own hermes?
    What do you own from them?
    When you need new clothes/access is Hermes the first place you go?
    How much do you spend at hermes annually?
    Do you shop online, over the phone, or in store?