Some info about Balenciaga leather from Artbag

  1. I spoke w/Chris from Artbag in NYC today because I sent him two bags for cleaning and repair.

    I really wanted him to dye a dirty Pale Pink (2006) work bag to black, but unfortunately he doesn't provide that service anymore. I asked him why, and he said it is because the Balenciaga leather doesn't respond well to the dye. I assume that is why people have said that the leather doesn't feel the same after a bag gets re-dyed.

    He is going to replace the piping on the corners of the Pink work, because he has some leather that will be a close enough match in color (yay!). Then he will clean the rest of the bag as best as possible...I'm not too sure how happy I'll be with it, because the color on the back of the bag has worn off completely in lots of places. He said he would try and disguise that somehow using some treatment he can apply to the leather.

    I am just kind of bummed out since I bought this bag with the idea in mind that I was going to get it dyed black. This is going to cost me a pretty penny; I hope I don't regret it. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised with the end result, though... fingers crossed. The repair/cleaning cost is going to be around $375. I paid $510 for the it better look nice in the end!!!

    I asked him if he knew how Balenciaga applies the shiny finish on the leather. He said it is the result of their special tanning process on the leather. I always assumed it was a sort of finish they "painted on," but apparently not. So, it's probably impossible to restore that shine once it dulls.

    Just thought I'd share these tidbits with my bbag gals. I'll let you know how the restoration turns out for me in a few weeks.
  2. Cant wait to how it turns out! I've got a pale pink bag that is in desperate need of a restoration.
  3. thanks for the info. good stuff to know. hope your bag comes out the way you wanted it to.
  4. Hi there, I just got my 1st BBag and I was told not to put anything on it. Do you think that it is ok not to spray or do anything to keep it Clean? It is a Black PT by the way.... Thanks for your views....
  5. If anything, the only thing I would put on it is the Apple Garde Rain and Stain Repellant. With black, though, it's probably not even necessary to do that.
  6. ^^ thanks for sharing & good luck w/your bag :wlae:
  7. fiat, good luck with your Bbag repair! For that amount of money I should think that you'll get a bag that you'll be pleased with. I believe that powder has used Artbag before, so you might want to touch base with her and get her views on them...
  8. Good Luck! Fingers crossed that you will be happy with the end result!!! I hope you took some before pictures so we can see before and after pictures!!! Thanks for sharing!!! I wonder how long it will take~ I'm so excited to know what happens!!!!!!
  9. I hope it turns out just like you want it! Also, did you give any thought to LMB? She does an amazing job on restoring bags also.
  10. good luck! I hope a gorgeous pink work comes back to you!! keep us posted!
  11. you definitely should give Barbara a call - she does amazing work!~
  12. Great info! I love having more insight as to what makes a b bag a b bag!
  13. Flat,
    I hope you're happy with the results! thank you for sharing that info with us.
  14. Hope things work out with your bag!!

    You mentioned that you sent two bags to him, what was the other bag?
  15. Any updates on this fiat?

    I'm wondering what to do with piping that I may want replaced in the future... :flowers: