some idiots tried to get in from my front door !

  1. so i was sitting in my living room, browing PF and watching TV, when all of suddent i heard this noises that someone was trying to open my front door. Anyways, these people were trying to open the door for about 2 minutes. I ended up opening the door carefully (yes ladies... i watch too much law and order). and as I was opening the door, they were walking away....
    I saw them carrying bags and pillows? :wtf:
    I am so confused....

    What I dont understand is.... if they live in this complex, they should not mistaken the place. and if they are visitors visiting friends and not familiar witht he complex, why didnt they knock? they were obviously pretty confidence that they got the right place and were trying to open the door.... :shrugs:

    idiots.... :cursing:
  2. that's kinda scary! i'd keep an eye out.
  3. Oooo, just got chills...
  4. whoa... that is sooo scary! weirdos!
  5. oiye that really scares me ... i probably would've called the cops on them.
  6. OMG, that's scary Me Love Purses! :wtf:I can't believe you had the courage to open the door- I would probably have been standing in the corner,shaking and calling my fiance with a knife in my hand:s
    I'm glad nothing happened to you and I hope they don't come back! Maybe you should report it to the manager of your complex?
  7. carrying bags and pillows??? how strange!!! :confused1:

    maybe you should get a peep hole in your door???

    I've lived in a complex for about 4-5 years and I use to hear and see lots of strange things!!! One thing I was glad about was that I could always open the window from upstairs and yell down!

    me_love_purse - be safe chick!!! *hugs*
  8. oh god how weird.. maybe they were going over to someones for a sleepover then got the wrong door..

    thank good ness they left though
  9. Have you checked with your neighbours that they weren't burgled?
  10. weird.....are they drunk or something?
  11. :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:
  12. Perhaps they are housesitting for someone in your complex and picked the wrong unit? Either way, I would have called the police.
  13. Frightening!
    Something like that happened to me once, but the person in question actually walked into my apartment!(i'd left my front door unlocked... stupid, I know) but that is another story.

    I would report it to the apartment management for sure... and I certainly would have called the police, in fact, maybe you shuld anyway, because if another unit in the complex was burglerized you might have seen the burglers and might be able to give a description.
  14. Yikes! This brought back memories for me. I had this happen when I was in college and living in my first apartment alone. Very nice and quiet complex with loft type apartments right off of campus. Always felt safe there.
    Anyway, one morning I was getting ready to go to my 7:30 am class--I was just coming down the stairs and I 'thought' I saw my doorknob turn but just shook it off as my eyes playing tricks on my early in the morning.
    Then I actually heard my doorknob being turned--as if someone was trying to get in. I looked out of my peephole and saw there was a man there with a hat on.
    I don't know why I did this but I knocked on my door from the inside while looking at him from the peephole. I guess I wanted to scare him. When I did that it startled him and he moved away from the door. He then said...'Oh, I'm looking for 'Tony'. I said 'there is no Tony living here'. He then said 'I'm sorry, I must have the wrong place'. I could see he had a letter in his hand...... He then just walked off and I could see him get into his car--a car and drive off.
    I wasn't worried because at that time in the morning lots of student are out and about working out or going to class or work. I really had to get to class and just thought it was strange. Went on to classes that day came back around 2pm and the police were at my building. Turns out this guy---at least we suspected it was the same guy. Broke into one of my neighbors apartments! When I arrived the police were interviewing people in the complex and I walked up and told them what happend to me that morning. I described the man and his vehicle. I was so mad at myself for not reporting him that morning!! My neighbor was just thankful that I was able to describe him and the car for the police. They took all of his stuff! Crazy! I don't know if they ever found the guy--it was at the end of the semester and I moved shortly after that.

    Be careful! Lots of nuts out there!
  15. wow that's so scary I am glad your safe. You should lte your neighbor's know if your friendly with any so they can be on alert.