Some idiot drove into my car today!

  1. I was going for a meeting at school and driving down the main road in my area of Connecticut, when some guy drives down a side road, stops at a stop sign (I saw him stopping), accelerates without seeing my car and crashes into the passenger side of my car! I saw his car moving forward and braked, but not enough to prevent his car from hitting mine my passenger side is dented badly. I can still drive my car, thankfully.

    But get this - the guy had a chihuahua in the driver's seat with him! He looked out of the window towards the left but his dog was on his lap and sticking it's head out of the driver's window because it must have blocked his view. I started braking because I saw a dog's head out of the driver's window and the driver blindly accelerating, and so my car wasn't going at 45mph when he hit me.

    I am SO MAD. Stupid, stupid man, suppose my son was in my car when he hit me? Doesn't he know it's not safe to put your dog in your lap when you drive??? He said he was taking the dog to the vet and the dog didn't like to be restrained and "cries if she can't sit in my lap"!! GRRR
  2. Its a good thing you are okay. You should go get yourself checked out just in case.

    I would of yelled at the guy after finding out he and the dog was okay. He should of had the dog restrained. Idiot!
  3. OH stupid drivers suck! I hope you're okay... I can't believe he was just holding on to the dog. Good thing it didn't fly off the window during the impact.
  4. Oh man! Sorry to hear that...

    Yeah, I don't get it when people have their dogs on their laps while they annoys me. I don't find it cute at all!!! People can be so inconsiderate of others...
  5. I'm glad you're ok. What a stupid moron that guy is.
  6. oh merika i'm sorry this happened to you, but i'm also glad that you're okay! what a scary situation!
  7. Glad you are okay!!

    That jerk should have got a ticket for having the dog in his lap. I hate it when people do that! It's so stupid and dangerous.
  8. I agree, Merika... And how fortunate that no one else was riding in your car at the time :sweatdrop:. I'm glad you're not hurt!
  9. I'm going to the hospital . The trooper who arrived wanted to know if I needed to go to hospital, but I was very gung-ho and said no. I'm not feeling so good now....
  10. i hope you will feel better soon, i am so sorry that has happened to you...lots of hugs coming your way :heart:
  11. I hope you're not hurting. Sometimes people don't seem to hurt right after an accident and then it hits after a day or two. How was his dog? That is soooo dangerous for a dog. I hate seeing people ride a dog in their lap.
  12. Oh no, so sorry this happened to you! You should go to the hospital right away because the effects of an accident are usually felt later. I was rear-ended about 4 years ago and the docs said to expect more pain or emotional problems later and they were right. Take good care and I hope this guys insurance can fix your car soon.
  13. Oh dear, I hope you are ok. Drivers like that make me soooo mad as they are not only endangering themselves, but others as well. Hope you feel better soon
  14. Nothing's wrong except I'm a bit shaken up, I guess. I got some painkillers in case I need them...
  15. I am glad you aren't seriously hurt. It may sound sick, but at least you weren't the one who hit someone -- he has serious insurance problems now.