some how, I've got a MANDARIN JASMIN today!!!

  1. OK,
    I was regret I didn't buy any mandarin orange bags.
    I have mini agenda only.

    I really really wanted a jasmin or speedy and I asked some SAs many times but they said "discontined..."

    Today, I just confirmed about my Mirior but something cought my eyes!!!!!!!

    What a cute display is!!!!!

    Luckly........I bought this jasmin and it was last one he said.
    There were alma, soufflot, speedy, bucket and sac plat.

    why why why???
    where come from??

    BTW I am so happy:heart:

    thank you for reading this funny english sentence.
    I am a Japanese desu.

    YAY, happy friday.
    but where is my miroir??
    0706LV1.jpg 0706LV2.jpg 0706jasmin1.jpg 0706jasmin5.jpg
  2. Congrats! This is my one and only Epi bag and I love it.
  3. wow they still have jasmin mandarin over there? I also own this bag and I loveeeeeeeeee it ! Congratssss!!!!
  4. forgot to they have speedy 25 or 30 in mandarin?
  5. Oh Wow! They had a Mandarin surplus over there! Congrats and thanks for the eye candy pics!
  6. Lvbabydoll - I love it! one of my favorite epi color!!! thanks.

    deslynx - me too, how lovely color is this! they have speedy 25. thanks!

    luvpurses24 - yay! I was lucky! thanks!!!
  7. What a great bag! If I could find one for a good price I would snatch it up!
  8. I saw the diplay at AM on July 4th and was also stunned by its beauty and the fact that they had soooo many Mandarine items. I was sooo tempted to get the Soufflot. Congratz!
  9. carvedwords - thanks! I love it! also I love speedy.

    rileygirl - wow, you saw?? that display was nice right?? MC + Mandarin!!
  10. congrats! The mandarin jasmin in epi is gorgeous.:drool:
  11. Very nice, congrats!
  12. Yes, on the 2nd florr of AM. It was breath-taking!!! I really wanted something but I got a Rosewood in Amarante instead. I don't wear orange, just love the Mandarine Epi line.
  13. i long for a mandarine speedy. love your jasmin. congrats
  14. So cute. I love the color!!
  15. Congrats! Fab bag!