some hermes scarves on sale at NM

  1. This is Dh shopping with crochetbella, NM sf has some scarves on sale, just bought full size scarf for 1/2 price, others are 224.00. Have orange cheval surprise, and about 6 others.
  2. Oooh! Thanks for the headsup, DH of CB!!
  3. oh thanks, I just had to buy one. Know idea what it looks like but it sounds pretty and a great price.
  4. Fascinating.... Huuuum !!
    NM used to say that their HS are NEVER on sale ! HS are popping up at discounted prices everywhere these days - Bluefly, Overstock, and now NM! Cool !:yahoo:
  5. DH of CB thank you so much for the info!!!
  6. THANKS CB!!!! I will have to go check them out!! I'm finally getting into H scarves after buying my first pocket square 2 weeks ago!!! I would love to get an H full size scarf to wear!! The way u tie urs are GORGEOUS BTW!! I hope I can imitate just as well!! BTW, love love love ur shawls!!! I would love to put an order in for one of them! I LOVE HANDMADE SHAWLS!!
  7. Thanks MG! :yahoo:

    I put the orange colorway of Cheval Surprise on hold until the end of the day today just in case anyone wants it. I was so surprised to see H scarves on sale! :yes: :yahoo:
  8. Scarves they had:
    Full size -
    Cheval Suprise in orange $224
    Caleche elastique in white with orange and black design 224
    2 orange scarves (no design)
    Dawn in brown/orange 224

    Pocket square size:
    yellow/orange chiffon with horses in circles $87

    I'm so excited, I got a full size scarf for $154 :yahoo:
  9. ^which NM was this? San Fran?
  10. :yes: San Francisco
  11. Thanks for for the tip. I purchased two. It was a bit difficult to communicate with the sales lady so I am not totally sure what they look like... but for the price... I had to do it.
  12. all gone!! :crybaby: