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  1. I was wondering if anyone can help me,i took my heloise out today and the strap broke frome the gold peice at the end of the strap,can anyone tell me where i can have it fixed? Maybe the chloe store may be able to fix it? Thanks
  2. ^^If you bought it in store it's possible they may be able to help - unfortunately this is a problem that seems to be more common with the Heloise than other bags.

    I do recall one of the Chloe girls, Daisyrockyrosie doing her own repair job on her Heloise after the same thing happened - and she wrote a detailed description of the process - definitely worth looking at - if you're interested try a search. Or hopefully she will be around to give some better advice! :smile:
  3. Hello darling - don't cry - it's fixable. Firstly if you bought from a store and have a receipt make it chloe's problem, and have them fix it. If not (as was my case - mine are usually ebay treasures), you can fix for yourself.

    A few of the girls on here have had heloise dramas - and provided you haven't lost any pieces - please search for my thread on fixing - I took pics while doing it - and haven't had a problem since.

    I still love the heloise, and looking to get another one.
  4. Hi there, sorry to hear your heloise strap broke! Happens to the best of us, good news is that it can be fixed! :biggrin:

    You can contact the store you purchased it from, or use the on-line form on the Chloe website to send an email to Chloe explaining the problem and within a few working days (I think 3 or 4) someone will get back to you to help. It's at, under contacts, then products, after sales service. Might be worth a try to get your bag fixed if you have no luck following daisyrockyrosie's thread :smile:

    My heloise hobo handle broke and I was devastated as I'd barely used th bag as I was worried I had to be delicate with the handle. I got in contact with and they agreed to help fix it up for me. However, that was in November and I found out this week that the department store organising the repair has no idea what happened to my try the DIY route first I think! I was told Chloe usually quote 4-6 weeks to fix any problems, and was promised I would have the bag back in 6, but it's been over 12 weeks for me and no idea what happened for my poor bag.
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    Oh God, I'm sorry. :sad:

    Harvey Nicks sent a bag off to Chloe, for me, as it had loose (but still fairly firmly attached, via loops of thread through the centre of them) beads and Chloe, finally (over three months later), said they didn't have the beads, anymore (this was less than a year after purchase), so couldn't fix it!

    They must have pulled the beads off, intentionally, because it arrived back with several missing (and they couldn't just have fallen off)! :wtf:

    Admittedly, the beads had sharp edges, so they had a tendency to saw through the thread that went through the loops, so they probably thought it would just happen again; but there was no need to rip the beads off on purpose! :nogood:

    So, yes, I'd avoid sending anything to Chloe, if I could help it.
  6. its fixable, many tpfers have don it themselves, if you search the threads youll find some instructions.
    or you can contact chloe for repair through their website.

  7. Thanks ChloeHandbags! I'm so sorry to hear about your bag! How horrible of Chloe to take all the beads off!

    It's been over 3 months for my bag, so maybe it will turn up soon and they will say they didn't have the parts to repair it! haha:P

    It may seem strange, but hearing you have also had problems with Chloe repairs taking a long time as well has really put me at ease - perhaps that is the problem with mine, they are just taking an extra long time.:smile:
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    ^ Yes, hopefully that's the case! :biggrin:

    I guess, at least, it means that they probably haven't lost it and as it has no beads to pull off, with any luck, it will still be in one piece! :tup:

    No problem - glad I didn't worry you more and hope it turns up very soon. :flowers:

    BTW, I assume you've been badgering the store?
  9. Thank you so much for your kind words! :smile:

    Yes, trying to keep in contact with the store and ask on the status as much as I can, at least once a week now. I feel bad to annoy them so much, after all I did not buy the bag through them and was only told go to through them by Chloe. I would like my bag back though.:P

    On Friday I sent an email to all the people I have spoken to in the department store and the Asia pacific Chloe manager who I dealt with back in November, as she may know the status if the bag is still with Chloe? Plus, when she is on my side, well, the store does what Chloe tells them too :graucho: they wouldn't help me at first until she told them as the authorised Chloe boutique they had to provide Chloe service to me, including repairs.:smile: Hopefully I will have my bag back, or at least an update, in the next few weeks.

    OP: sorry for going off-topic! Have you had any luck with getting your bag fixed?