Some HELP on second Chanel!


Apr 6, 2007
I'm so undecided on which bag(s) I should get tomorrow!:crybaby: I would really :heart: to get another Chanel just before the price increase. I only got one Chanel so far which is the Jumbo Melrose Flap but I would really like a Classic. I was considering the Classic M/L Flap in Black w/ Sliver hw or a 226 Reissue in Black w/ Black hw. Since my boyfriend is chipping in a bigger half than I am for it, I was thinking maybe I shouldn't get something too costly. So I was also considering a Medallion, PST or Clutch. But with that chunk of money I could probably get two bags like LV tivoli, Miu Miu Bow, Balenciaga First, Chanel Clutch or accessories. I was even thinking if i should get a Macbook cause my computer is breaking down on me then I won't be able to visit the Forum! Scary thought! So many other choices and it's tomorrow, I don't want to head into the mall with advice from the girls on the TPF!:okay: Precious advice is in need. I know if the Chanel forum and most girls in this women would go with Chanel but most of Chanel lovers are lovers of others too so I would love to hear all options. I should probably stop blabbering now!


Jul 13, 2008
I actually was in the same exact situation as you a few weeks back. I was in desperate need of a new computer but......just like the rest of TPFers, I chose a classic Chanel instead!! So now, I have a jumbo caviar flap and a crappy old computer :s but it was WELL WORTH IT! :love: