some help needed!

  1. i am about to buy a second birkin:yahoo: and i need some help!
    1. how can i tell it is a fake (i had a nasty eBay encounter a while back..) with gold hardwear or brown with gold hardwear?
  2. 1. Use the "Authentic This" feature on this site. Many on this site are extremely knowledgable and can assist you. It is not wise to list what qualities to look for in case "copiers" are lurking.

    2. Can you tell us what color, hdware, size is your first? This will help determine the 2nd.
  3. my first birkin is blue jean, with silver hardwear,35cm.
    i really like the size as it fits practically everything without looking clunky.(not that a birkin ever looks clunky!)
    so i'll probably get a 35cm but i cant decide, black or brown...
  4. go to the "Authentic This" thread they can help
  5. what colors do you wear?
  6. I love black. Your blue jean w PH will probably get lots of use during the warm days and the black will be perfect for the colder days... Black goes with everything and looks really sharp & chic...
  7. If you favor cooler tones get the black. If you wear mostly earthtoned neutrals then brown.

    Post anything you are even thinking about in the AUTHENTICATE THIS thread and don't decide till everyone comments. I was taken on eBay around 6-7 years ago and paid a fortune for a horrid fake that was shipped from France. I didn't know about this forum at the time and had NOT done any homework aside from knowing that I wanted a Birkin and liked the style.

    Try to become as familiar as you can with the leathers and how they look, since you already have a Birkin you are better equipped that most new buyers. Best of luck to you!