Some Help ladies....please.

  1. I was wondering if any of you nice ladies have this bag... also if you have a modeling pic. Also if it not too much to ask the dimension. Have any of you ladies use this bag for school? Does your folder fit?
    Thank you...

  2. I don't see a picture of the bag you are referring to!
  3. Sorry... I am such a dork!!!
  4. My friend has this tote in black and I think she has the larger size. She uses it for school for notebooks and folders. However, its not very structured so I wouldn't try to put a laptop in it unless you had in a protector case (that is, if a laptop would fit. I think a small one might!). Its a cute bag though!
  5. Thank you.. I just want it for my folder and a book. I bid on it, but I think It might be too small.