Some help is needed on the color!!

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  1. As some of you might know that I am wait-listing on a Vert Anis or Chartreuse Birkin.

    I went in the Boutique today and I knew there would be a Chartreuse Lindy 30 coming .... and I am thinking of getting it when it arrives. However then I need to change the color of my "future" Birkin. What other color you might suggest? I can't make up my mind.

    Currently I have:
    30 Potiron Birkin Clemence
    30 Rouge Garance Birkin Togo
    Etoupe Bolide
    Orange Massai
    Blue Jean picotin
    Rouge Vermillion Evelyn
    Chocolate Brown Kelly 28 Epsom

    I am a more "brown" person. However I am looking for some light and fun color (however I am not keen on blues though) for my "future" Birkin.

    Any suggestion is greatly appreciated!! :heart::heart::heart:
  2. Something rouge
  3. raisin? gold?
  4. second this. red is a great neutral and since you do not have it. classic gold
  5. Yes, I thought about gold too.....but would I ever find it too boring after a while?
  6. Well, I'm really into orange right now....not sure why since I have never been a fan! I'm on a quest for one right now!
  7. I am a convert. Never liked Green till I saw Vert Anis. Beautiful on Birkin!

    How about sticking with it since Lindy and Birkin has rather different looks?
  8. Gold sounds really nice
  9. I Adore Vert Anis.....Do You Definitely Want A Lindy? A Birkin In Vert Anis Is Always Divine:heart:
  10. I would never fing gold boring:nogood:
  11. Birkins...humm..
    Gold with GH contrasting stitching or...
    Etoupe with PH or...
    Raisin with GH contrasting stitching or..
    Rouge H GH or...

    have you tried on any blues? I LOVE Brighton blue (I always thought of myself as a "neutral girl" too.) At first i didnt think I can love BJ but once I tried it I LOVED it.

    Now I know you want a "pop" of color but how about a classic like black with GH? I saw a completely GORGEOUS 30cm in Black clemence PH, with white contrasting stitching! It was TDF....
  12. I think gold would be a good option if you like brown tones
  13. Gold is a great color -- it goes with everything.
  14. What about the new colors? Curry? Rosee? Lagoon?
  15. ^^^i agree...wait to look at the new colors first!! you just never know...