Some help identifying a bag?

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  1. This could be a long shot...but I'm hoping somebody can help me out here.

    I was in a consignment store today and saw the most beautiful Chanel bag. I'm about 99% sure it's authentic, but don't want to buy it until I'm 100% sure. This would be my first Chanel, so I don't know a whole lot about them. I just thought if someone knew the style of the bag, it would help to authenticate it. Who knows, maybe it's a style that doesn't even really exist!

    It was a white bag and quite structured - not floppy, and there was no flap. It was a tote style bag, the handles were silver chain with white leather at the tops, the part that rests on your shoulders. There were black c's in the middle/lower part of the bag. The leather was very, very soft and if I remember correctly the corners on the bottom had a large, quilted area. I think the top part was also quilted, but I could be making that up.

    I hope that makes sense and somebody has an idea what I'm talking about!
  2. could be a shopper, but don't quote me on that, check the visual aid in the sub forum. There's loads of pix, good luck!:idea:
  3. Yeah, I spent about 2 hours looking through all the subforums trying to find it, but no luck there.
  4. Maybe it's a diamond stitch bag? But it doesn't have leather at the top as handle. But then the CC is at the bottom. So I am pressing for diamond stitch. Do you know what the serial number started with?

    OH OH OH, it might be a Petite shopping tote or a Grande shopping tote. Here you go.