Some H goodies *pics*

  1. Yay. I just realised I could change the pixel settings on dh digicam to take pics that will upload on tpf. :wlae: Here are the long overdue pics. Enjoy!:heart:
  2. Gorgeous! Congratulations! :heart:
  3. Lovely! Congrats...
  4. Congrats!!
  5. Congrats! Little toy cars in the pics too! You have a toddler, I presume?
  6. Congrats, Matrix! I have that Syd twilly too. Love the Cles design. And your Caleche Elastique pochette, I really like that prune/plummy colourway!
  7. Yes mrssparkles. As you can see , my toddler insisted on putting his toy cars in the first pic and I had to give him the twilly box (gone in the 2nd pic) so that he will stay away and let me shoot some serious photos!!;)
  8. Oh, very nice! Congratulations!
  9. Laughing at those cute little hands. In my pics, it would be thomas trains. My boys are obsessed with thomas the tank engine. If I sold it all, I could easily get my first H bag!!
  10. Thanks Serenity Now, the H sydney edition is really cool. I may want to get some more for gifts later for my mum etc. And the caleche elastique is really a beautiful color. I saw many pochettes and thought it was the best color when it is tied up on two of my bags. An SA said it was a good choice and she liked that color too.
  11. They do make lovely gifts! Do they still have a lot there in Syd? I'm surprised they haven't sold out by now as they were produced as a special edition for the opening of the new store and I mean, just look at how pretty they are too! Lol! Btw, are twillies still $190 and pochettes $185? Just wondering if these went up this yr.

  12. Ah yes..I know what you mean..DD already has a collection of Tiffany's and H boxes that most adults would never get to see....she has to have them to play with!!!

    Your items are lovely! Enjoy!
  13. Serenity Now, twillies are still $190 but the pochettes has increased to $195. They still have LOADS of H sydney edition cles kept in one drawer in a H store I went to. :yes:
  14. Beautiful collection! Congratulations!!
  15. I love that pochette!! I am really fond of the plum colorway in most scarves!!