SOME H BLING!!! Thx PBC & mrssparkle!

  1. I was so inspired by PBC's watch from Vegas:drool: , that I ran out and got this a few days ago. :yahoo: :yahoo: It's similar to PBC's (which I :heart: ), but because I'm in a conservative line of work:sad: , I decided to get a more "mature" (less fashionable) style. :push: Mine is a mother of pearl face with diamond bezel. It's one size smaller than PBC's. The band is black croc., although I ordered another "bright" colored band for fun. (I'll post when I get it.)

    Special thanks to PBC and mrssparkle for all your patience in answering my questions about the H watch!

    Specs on the outfits:
    Outfit #1
    - Chanel dress
    - Christian Louboutin suede shoes

    Outfit #2
    - Chanel top
    - Paige jeans
    - Christian Louboutin black pumps
  2. Gorgeous smurfet!!! Congrats! You look fabulous!
  3. gorgeous watch, and gorgeous figure if i may be so bold! congrats!
  4. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Amazingly chic and classy, smurfet! You look gorgeous. And what a body! The watch is awesome! i feel so honoured that whatever I said helped. :love:
  5. WOW!! Gorgeous watch, and you look amazing!!!
  6. Smurfet you look fantastic! And the watch is absolutely gorgeous--exactly what I would have picked. Can't wait to see what fun color strap you picked when it arrives!
  7. That watch looks great on you and perfect with your CHANEL pieces
  8. Gorgeous watch and I absolutely LOVE your Chanel top! What season is it from?
  9. you look Gorgeous, Beautiful watch.
  10. WoW! I've been thinking of an H-our watch for a while and seeing it actually worn is GREAT! You look fantastic with it on, really is lovely with the diamonds and the Mother-of-Pearl face!!!!
  11. aaaaaw, my pleasure smurfet!!!!! u look FANTASTIC!!!! so classy & chic!! love ur figure and outfits!! again, you made a great choice on the watch too!!! YAAAAAAAY!!!!!
  12. You look great, congrats on the watch!!!!!
  13. You look so stunning!!!! Love the outfits!
  14. BEAUTIFUL watch!!! You did great!!! That watch looks perfect on you and your gorgeous outfits!!! Love that mother of pearl face!!! Simply chic!!!
  15. ^^^^^hi moviegirl!!!!!!!!! LOL