Some GREEN for Earth Day today! And a question...


Sep 4, 2008
So Mr. Fedex arrived a day earlier than expected, and I received my sample sale Lime large bowler. I was realllly excited, but now to be honest, I am slightly disappointed because the color is just not what I was expecting. On the website they looked like a pale spring-y green, but IRL it is actually MUCH darker green! (I attached a pic of the bag with flash, and the second is without. The 2nd is probably the closest to what it actually looks may even be a bit darker IRL.) I have just never been much of a green person, probably because I do not wear the color well with my skin tone etc., and I was excited because I thought it was going to be a pale mint green, but now i am not sure how I feel about it. :shrugs: On the positive side, the leather is sooo smooshy, buttery soft...softer than all my other LP's (I didn't think Lp bags could BE any softer, but I was wrong...this is the softest yet!) And, there aren't any flaws, marks or scratches, so whew. Also love the way it feels on my shoulder, and the large bowler is a great size. So in conclusion, I love the size & style and the leather, but not crazy about the color...(too bad I can't exchange it for the camel now!). I don't know if I should sell it on ebay or give it to a friend, or just keep it and see if it grows on me...what are your opinions??


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Dec 31, 2007
Ohhhh it's so pretty, darnit I wish I had gotten a green bag before these sold out! I can see what you mean though, it does look darker than the website pics. I bet you could sell it easy on Ebay but why not sleep on it a week or so and see if you warm up to it, it's really a beautiful color and the leather sounds divine.



Jan 21, 2009
I don't know if I should sell it on ebay or give it to a friend, or just keep it and see if it grows on me...what are your opinions??

Hmmm. After careful consideration of your question and viewing your pics, I'm of the opinion that you should probably just give it to me. :lol:

Seriously though, if you don't think the color suits you and you don't need to recoup the funds, it would make a really nice gift. If you don't love the bag you should set it free. Almost everytime I've held on to things against my better judgement I've been sorry.


Jan 17, 2009
I have to agree..if you don't LOVE it set it free. You can always sell it on ebay and maybe you can find the same bag in camel?

My 2 dylan clutches are due to come tomorrow. One in camel and one in lime. I'm hoping I love the lime color because it will be great for the summer.

Good luck :greengrin:


~*~ addicted ~*~
Feb 26, 2008
I think it's great! But, if you don't love it... no sense in keeping it?! Although, being a sample sale bag anyways you could carry it for a bit and then make up your mind. Gorgeous bag, good luck deciding!


Jan 10, 2009
I got a couple of bags in green and I *love* them. I'm only keeping one, I gave two away for gifts...I had to ship them off quickly or else I knew I'd use them. I think you've gotta trust your gut....don't hold onto it if you don't LOVE it.

There will surely be another LP sample sale soon...the last one was in Jan, so it seems like just a few more months :thinking: and then you can get something that makes you truly happy. Try selling on bonanzle where fees are minimal.

Good luck.


Sep 4, 2008
Thanks for the input! I think I am going to contact customer service about exchanging it (maybe by some odd chance someone who ordered camel cancelled their order?) I know it's a long shot, but I figure it can't hurt to ask. If that doesn't work out, I will keep it around the house a couple days and see if it grows on IS a gorgeous bag and the price was too good to pass up.


Jan 18, 2009
Aww, I'm so sorry to hear that you're not too pleased with the colour and expected something different based on the colour shown on LP's site. I don't know if LP might be willing or able to facilitate an exchange, but it would be a good idea to mention colour accuracy of their site's pics! ;) (This would hardly be the first instance; as gorgeous as the Croco turquoise is, it looks nothing like the pics on the site!! I generally assume that LP's pics are likely washed out, to be honest.)

That said, yep, I think it might be a good idea to keep it around for a few days to see if it grows on you, since you're actually happy with everything else except for the colour. Think it over first before deciding what you're going to eventually do with it! :yes: