some great chloes at nordies seattle

  1. Excellent deals!

    It was a stroke of genius to photograph the bags with labels for name/price! :tup:
  2. Yeah that SA is just fantastic beyond words.
  3. Any SA who does that kind of work deserves all the sales tpf brings, that is really great of her to send those updates.
    Mona, also great of you to post!!!

  4. ITA both thoughts, Ali!
  5. Peggy is just the best! Thanks Mona. I also vote Nordstroms as the best Chloe retailer for sales. You just have to catch the bags right before they get shipped to Nordstrom's Rack. Then you really cash in.
  6. thanks!
  7. Agree, Nordstroms is the best, I've captured some great deals as Divnanata mentioned, just before they were sent off to NR. In fact, the SA has gone into the back room to check for last minute bags. Maybe it's my imagination, or maybe they get more bags, but I find the California/West Coast stores more helpful.