Some goodies I bought today in LV

  1. I bought a few goodies today
    batignolles horizontal (coming friday)
    Damier Speedy 25 (Coming friday) I had it in my hands and BEGGED the SA to give it to me today and she said SHE CAN NOT sell it to me until the 1st so Thursday she is going to mail me the 25 and my BH.:P AND SHE ALSO SAID JUNE 1st is the PRICE increase and the speedy will go up also..I saw the price tag and she said THIS IS NOT the price...It will go up also with the rest of the bags:rant: :censor:

    Also bought Today
    these shoes
    French wallet
    and the LOOK BOOK...

    Thanks for letting me share:biggrin: [​IMG]
  2. OMG how wonderful!! Love the little shoes!!
  3. Love everything! Congrats!! Enjoy!!
  4. Cute!! I love the slippers!!
  5. I love those shoes, they're beautiful!! You'll love ur BH, and wow, it seems like everyone on here is getting the Damier Speedy! Are they available in all sizes?
  6. I have the mono french wallet as well and you're going to love it. Congrats!
  7. Great purchases! Enjoy them!!

    Last night when I was in NM, the SA told me the price increases will not be effective June 1st so the Damier speedy would still be the same price. Ugh...I wish they all gave the same info... She did say that when the prices do go up, the speedy 30 will go up to $605.
  8. D&%$*t!!! Does that mean the Multicolore Speedy 30 is going to go up again in price TOO? I am choking over $1,710 - it can't get any higher!!! *sobbing* :cry:

    Oh, and I love everything you bought! Does LV still make those cute spa sandals?
  9. Congrats, hot shoes!
  10. the look book is for sale too? how much is it??!
  11. Louis Vuitton : The Birth of Modern Luxury is $125. They've been out since about Nov/Dec. I got mine for about $75-ish, but they've been selling out constantly.
  12. what a score! you are my new hero!
  13. oh wow!!!! congrats on your new LV pieces!!! totally jealouse that you're getting a BH!!!! 00o0o your jandals/sandals are so cute!!!

    ***waves to the wapity*** so cute!!!
  14. Ohmigod, I MUST have that BOOK!!! *running off to show hubby*

    How'd you manage it for $75?