Some goodies from NM

  1. Goodies from NM 'the look book'.:heart:
    c1.jpg c2.jpg c3.jpg c4.jpg c6.jpg
  2. 1: $ 2495
    2: $ 2795
    3. $ 4450
    4: $ 2495
    5: $ 1795
  3. Oooh , I like the first one ! I'm not sure about whats going on w/ that second one though . I find the two handles odd . I LOVE the color though !

    Thanks for posting !
  4. ^ I wonder why the 4th one is so expensive ? I must be missing something .
  5. Sorry, typo, will correct!!
  6. I love the 4th one!
  7. that big fat strap on the origami bag is SO out of place!:shocked: ICK! Love the origami bag w/o that bizarre strap.
    1st one is interesting and the last one I toted around at my last visit to NM. It's kind of a weird bag, very different for Chanel.
  8. Is the 5th picture suppose to be the "smaller coco" that is coming out in Nov? It looks more like a tote bag rather then a hobo. I think I like the current one more.....
  9. I saw the 4th one at my NM in Tampa. It was 1795 or 1895 from what I recall. It was cute.
  10. That was my first thought too! Judging by the price GIAGIAJA quoted in her thread, which is the same, I'll bet it is!
  11. the 5th one is already in stores.
  12. Is it already??! Wow!
    Do you think it resembles the coco in person? I must go check it out soon.
  13. Are those still considered fall? I agree with Swanky, some very odd styles for Chanel?:confused1: Maybe I'd have to see them in person to get it?
  14. The 5th one does not resemble the CoCo in my opinion. It's very small and flat.
  15. I adore the 5th one..what is it and where did ya see it please???