Some goodies at Cheshire Oaks

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  1. Hi girls,

    I went to Cheshire Oaks today, sadly there weren't any bags that I fancied (I'm saving up for a choccy Bayswater!) but I noted a few names down in case it's helpful to anyone - sorry I can't remember all the prices tho.....

    Midnight medium Mabel - £346
    Gold snakeskin Mabel
    Lemon Emmy
    Dark blue large Smithfield
    Oak and choccy Brookes - £206
    Snakeskin Brooke
    A whole bunch of canvas & leather Roxannes and Blenheims in various colours
    Lavender and paler pink Rosemarys
    Coral Blenheim (nb this is not this season's coral,but a much paler pale pinky-orange)
    Coconut tasslelled Blenheim- £146
    Coconut tasslelled Roxanne
    Pale blue Roxanne
    Bright red Bayswater
    Choccy Bayswater with leaves on (you know the one - I can't remember what it's called but someone here has one, Bayley I think?)
    Orange Aralines - £97
    Oak Phoebe - £297

  2. Did you see the gorgeous aqua/turquoise ones? It is such a beautiful colour but the styles did not take my fancy at all (can't remember what the names were). And I thought the lemon shade (in the window) looks delish in RL! I sense I may be back for more very soon!
  3. Thanks for that goldfinch, its always nice to know whats around at the moment in the outlets! The orange araline sounds nice....