Some Good News about the future of Barenia

  1. I have noticed that several of you have mentioned a fondness for Barenia leather and it is my favorite leather by far. For several podiums I have tried to order a Barenia Birkin. There had been many rumors about the discontinuation of Barenia, but my Hermes always told me this wasn't true and I clung to any hope.
    My SA returned from Paris last week and said that she heard some good news about the future of Barenia leather. She said that the trouble had been with the tannery that did the extensive tanning of Barenia. The man who had run it had become too old and he had no one to pass the tannery along to. Apparently, recently, his son or some relative has taken over the business and the secrets of the tanning process have been passed along to him. My SA seemed very certain of this news, and I don't think that she would toy with my hopes of Barenia, which she knows I take pretty seriously, ;) ! She hoped that soon Barenia would be back in rotation. I am keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well at the tannery, :smile: , and that my dream Birkin might be a reality someday.
  2. Thank you for the tidbit! Barenia is very special!!
  3. Thank you so much for this news, I will keep my fingers cross for a Barenia Birkin some day then... Thanks for keeping the hope alive!
  4. Hi Sarah-girl, thank you so much for this update! :flowers: Barenia has a very special place in my heart. My very first Birkin order was for one in Barenia Natural but it couldn't be fulfilled. Your news gives me hope that I might own one some day! :rolleyes:

    Thanks again! :flowers:
  5. That is great news, Sarah-girl! Love the Barenia leather :love:
  6. This is so exciting! Thank you for sharing the update. :yahoo:
  7. Great update...thank you!
  8. thank you that is fab news as i looove the barenia denim combos :nuts:
  9. Thank god!!! My dream bag in Barenia is a Plume!!!! with gold hardware!
  10. ^^ Bagg - that sounds TDF!
  11. Does anyone know if the massai bag will ever be made in barenia? I tried to order one in fjord, but was told they cannot construct one in that kind of leather?
  12. there's absolutely NO selling, buying or trading here!