Some good news about Millie, the rescue doxie!

  1. A few months ago I posted about my second rescue doxie, Millie, the black beauty in my avatar. 2 week after I rescued her, we found that she had mammary cancer, early stage. We made the decision to treat her with chemo, diet and love. She went through the chemo like a trooper, and last Monday she was "re-staged" by having a abdomen ultrasound and chest x-ray. The results were that the cancer has not spread! This means she will have more time with us being happy. We were thrilled, of course:yahoo:

    By the way, Millie was rescued from a breeder farm where she was being bred as fast as she could have puppies. Because of this and that she was not spayed, she got cancer. :cursing:

    Thanks for reading!!
  2. Hurray!!! That is wonderful news!!! :yahoo: You go Millie!!!!!
  3. :wlae:that's fantastic!!!! Hooray for Millie!
  4. I am so happy to hear this. I remember reading your post when you got Millie.

    Dachshunds are fighters!
  5. That is brilliant news I hope you have many happy years with her.
  6. Great news, Irishgal! I could strangle breeders who do that to their dogs. We went thru nearly a year of chemo for one of our dogs; sadly it didn't help but her quality of life was good till close to the end and I'd try it again.

    Bless you and Milly and your family!:heart:
  7. Yay Millie! What wonderful news!
  8. YAY for Millie, and for YOU--for caring so much about her and fighting the cancer. If only more dogs were so dearly loved! Bless you both! :heart:
  9. OMG I am sooo happy for your little girl!!! What GREAT newS!! :smile:

    I think that it is fabulous, by the way, that you rescued a dog that had such a horrible previous life.

    You are Millie's angel :smile:
  10. Thanks so much for your kind thoughts everyone!!
  11. Great news! I'm so glad for Millie and your family. Enjoy every second with her. I had a scare with one of my cats over Christmas, and now I think she's getting annoyed with me because I hug her so much!
  12. Oh great news...I have a mini doxie and I cannot imagine how hard it must be to have one feeling less than its usually clownish self!!! I hope all continues to be well....:yes: :heart:

  13. Aww... that's so good to hear!!! Congrats! :tispy:
  14. That is great news.

    On a separate note, let me know if you ever find out who the breeder is. We could go kick some serious rear end for treating her like that.
  15. ^^^You are too funny. Rescue does not reveal who had the dog, they just give vague info. I do know it was Visalia, in central Calif. Maybe we should just roll up there and randomly cause problems.