some girl at my work has a papillon 30 in the mc lol

  1. it was so fake. That style of bag doesnt even exist, not in the mc anyway. She walks around at work like her :lol: **** doesnt stink and i know that her bag is so fake. I feel like telling her but i dunno! what do you ladies think?
  2. :throwup:
  3. lol what would you do? would you just let her walk around like that or walk by and cough "fake" or tell her. I dont wanna ruin it for her. Maybe she got it for a gift and really believes its real.
  4. :weird:
  5. :lol: I would never say anything unless she starts saying it's real.
  6. lol i like the faces but seriously? you wouldnt? yeah i suppose but its soooo funny. It makes me itchy hahha
  7. i wouldnt unless you want the confrontation. think of how she would react when you tell her =)
  8. yeah, you're right and i bet im not the only one that feels like this. if you cant get a real one, then get a coach or something.
  9. OMG that is too funny!!

    If you are going to say something, you should be like "What a unique piece! Next time I am in the boutique I will have to ask the SA to show it to me".

    LOL that way you don't have to say "ITS FAKE" but she will

    a. totally get the hint that YOU know she is full of sh*t
    b. freak out and get all nervous that you are going to "find out" the truth about her bag

  10. i wouldn't personally want a coach, i'd rather have something juicy, but i guess it's better than having a fake bag... anyway, don't say anything to her until she comments on someone else's.
  11. Maybe it was a gift from a loved one, and she thought it was for real? Hmm.

    Even if she thought it was real, she shouldn't act so proud. Zero props for her!
  12. That sounds a little immature... if I were in your shoes, and she said a rude comment about my bags or something, I would definitely call her out. Other than that, yeah just ignore her.
  13. i've seen the Multicolore Papillons running around in Buffalo too, complete with bow and all like the Cherry Blossom ones :lol:

    it's best not to say anything to her, unless she herself says something about your stuff (if she ever does)
  14. Big chance she bought it at the same store as Hiltons..



    I personally won't say anything unless she is bragging about the bag..
  15. ^ Thank you bagsnbags!

    I almost forgot about that one!