Some FSH window pictures & loot!

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  1. #1 Feb 10, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2010
    I have been feeling so blue for the past 2 months, the stress of moving house, fracturing my foot & some other issues were really dragging me down. Last week, I decided to take a short break to my favorite city, brought my sister & a wonderful friend who makes me laugh.
    P1030120.JPG P1030122.jpg
    P1030123.jpg P1030124.jpg
    24 FSH is closed for renovations, enter at 26.
  2. Luscious displays as always, the last picture was a bag carried by a beautiful young girl at the H-bag section, I told her I needed to take a picture for the purseforum & she kindly obliged, she said she got it from St Tropez. Experts can weigh in on this one.
  3. Requisite Laduree pictures, we had our breakfast there every morning, their Valentine's Day display & Florence our friendly waitress! (She is going to be famous from now on)

  4. oh I can't wait to see the rest of your photos - thanks for sharing :biggrin:
  5. Oh, those Croc PLUMES are divine! ! ! Thank you for posting these wonderful pictures! Can't wait to see your loot! :yes:
  6. P1030281.jpg

    I saw the CMSC jersey on the mannequin in the scarf section & it is my favorite design in the GM. The A propos des Bottes 90 was a colorway that I have been looking for, the SA included scarf booklets in both boxes.
  7. thank you for posting these lovely pictures! i miss Paris and the lovely H windows! :nuts:

    not sure how to react to the St. Tropez birkin... still deciding :confused1: guess that is a sign that i am going conservative and traditional?

    please show us what you've got!?

    the CSMC in this c/w is gorgeous!
  8. P1030286.JPG

    No CL killer heels for a while until my foot heals completely, so I got these safe shoes to aspire towards...
  9. Look how different the color gold can be
    Now to the final packages....
    Guesses? :nuts:
  10. Stunning shoes!!! I love the ones on the right and the colors are SO beautiful!!

    I miss Laduree! :sad: We used to be able to get some in Knightsbridge but not since we moved back to the US.

    Can't wait to see the bags!!!
  11. I won't tease, I had to be in the shower 30 mins ago...:P
    More black bags for medusa!
    Blame the left one on VB (Black Clemence 35 GH) & the right one is my first exotic (Black Nilo 30 PH).......
  12. #12 Feb 10, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2010
    Wow, just saw the birkins! Gorgeous!

    Love the black shiny nilo! It is stunning! Of course, typically I'd drool all over your birkin 35, but next to the exotic, you know how the story goes...:nuts:

    Did you just buy it as a walk in? Or did you have to arrange with your SA beforehand? Sorry for the 21 questions but am thinking of getting an exotic but not sure how difficult that will be at FSH if am looking for one without diamonds!
  13. What lovely purchases! Your new birkins are wonderful! Congratulations & ENJOY in the best of health! :flowers:
  14. Florence and the other young girl @ Laduree are very friendly and nice!

    And congrats to your lovely haul! You are very lucky to get the bags right the way! :woohoo:
  15. congratulations on your exquisite new additions! hope that foot heals and you are back in cl's in no time. :heart: