Some ebayers really tick me off!!!

  1. I sell quite a bit on eBay and I always ship within two business days of receiving payment, usually the very next day. I just got feedback saying slow shipping and the guy dinged me on my star rating. He paid on Friday, Nov. 9 and I shipped it on Monday, Nov. 12 - just exactly how much faster was I supposed to mail it?????? GRRRRR!!!!!

    What incredibly unreasonable expectations. I cannot be responsbile for how long it takes from Canada to the US and I cannot be responsbile for how long the US postal service holds packages in customs.

    I am so ticked. I have not left him feedback yet and am not sure what I want to say.
  2. That sucks!

    Some people you can't make happy....I would wait a couple of days before you leave fb, this way you can leave calm & factual fb.

    Maybe... paid 11-9 Fri., shipped 11-12 Mon, not responsible for shipping time
  3. Seriously...don't feel bad. I ship my items the day after I receive payment (or same day, if it's early enough)...I give 2 shipping options for most items, parcel post or priority, or media mail or priority. 99% of the buyers choose the slower, cheaper shipping and then ding my stars when they don't have the item the day after they paid. And it's not in state either, it's cross country! Plus, I think some buyers seem to forget that there is no mail delivery on postal holidays or on Sundays.
    I do my part as best as I can and I still have 4.8 on my stars.
  4. How frustrating! I buy a lot on eBay and always allow the seller time to ship, since most people (like me) are working all day and don't have the time to package and ship items the same day. That's just ridiculous; if someone needs that kind of instant gratification, they should just go to the store and buy the thing already!:rolleyes:
  5. I have only ever contacted one seller- in Canada- to ask about shipping time, since after I paid, I never heard one single word from her, whether she recieved the payment, if she shipped, nothing.
    Anyway, I never, as a buyer, pay a bit of attention to that star rating, because the fact that it is an anonymous feature, does allow buyers to give a more negative rating than they normally would.
    I don't really like that star system anyway.
  6. Oops, wrong thread.
  7. To be honest, I utterly ignore my "star" ratings. It helps a great deal with maintaining my zen :lol:. My blood pressure is nice and even, and I know that I have done my BEST to get the item there on time and at a reasonable rate, so if a buyer doesn't like something about the shipping time, at least I know it wasn't because of something *I* did. Serenity Now, and all that. I highly recommend it!!

    Oh and not for nothing, but some buyers are confused by the star system, as strange as that seems.
  8. I cant beleive how unreasonable some people are!! It seems they just want to be angry and irritable all the time. I wouldnt worry too much about it. As annoying as it is for you, just know that you did all you could do to the best of your ability. If the buyer was not happy, well that's her own problem. Dont let it get you down!:flowers:
  9. he probably expected you to ship it out on Saturday...?
  10. I am having this problem too. USPS is slow (WAY OVER BUSY) and people think we are lazy... I really do think that people's expectations are out of whack with mailing times. As someone stated above, we are not a BUSINESS and even businesses sometimes take several days to ship! Amazon sure does!

    I even STATE on my auctions when I ship, but it doesn't matter because people don't read!
  11. Mail does not go out on Saturday. Or Sunday.
  12. Of course mail goes out on Saturday. Who told you that?
  13. Canada Post. Not all forum members live in the US.
  14. Gosh... I used to live in Canada and I didn't even remember about the not getting mail on Saturday. I know they are much more "humane" to workers as they actually do CLOSE everythign on holidays and such.
  15. Oh duh, sorry. :shame: