Some eBayers are sooo RUDE!!-RANT

  1. OK, so im selling a bag on eBay to fund my next Gucci purchase... I wake up to find 11 emails from the SAME buyer, the first 2 emails are questions.. ok, then the next 8 are questions as to why im not replying to her in a timely manner, theyre phrases like "helllo, are you there" and the next email is like "please reply im interested in your bag..." THEN, the last email was: "I hope you get a non paying bidder, newbie".... :wtf:

    yeah ok.. so i replied to the email saying that I was busy and have other things going on in my life and cant reply to emails the second theyre sent....

    WHAT is going on with people on eBay these days??? And eBay wants to only give buyers positive feedback, what a joke....:yucky:
  2. gad - put that one on the block list for sure! the last thing you want to be doing is dealing with someone like this AFTER a sale . . .
  3. oh I already did! Now im waiting for another email from her complaining about THAT, i dont care.. ill tell her i didnt appreciate her OCD and attitude in the previous emails
  4. That's just nutty! I'd block that bidder for sure.
  5. Wow, what a nut job!
  6. It's like Ebay is a magnet for the crazies :lecture:
  7. :wtf: what a whacko, good job blocking
  8. people seriously think they can get away with anything on ebay - like the normal rules on how to be a decent human being don't apply. i am so over it!!!
  9. You said it perfectly! I have been getting a lot of wacko potential buyers too lately.
  10. haha, loving all the commentary ladies... thankfully my auction ended sucessfully and this nutjob wasnt the high bidder, because I blocked her.. haha.. lets hope the winner is sane
  11. I think it's all stemmed from the anonymity of eBay. People think they can treat other like crap. I doubt a lot (not all, I'm sure) of these crazies would treat people the way they did if there were trading face to face.
  12. Block!
    Oh, I hope she tried to bid, and found out she'd been blocked!!! That should put manners on her. You can check you blocked bidders log and know if she did attempt.
  13. Yeah, other things like sleeping! What a hyperactive nutcase - I'm glad you blocked her and she didn't win. I'm a buyer and I try hard to be respectful and treat my sellers well... it makes me angry when people behave like this and give all of us buyers a bad name.
  14. What? Why so many buyers think we live next to our computer? (I almost do and have loud alerts for my emails lol) I mean if they want fast customer service There's The Mall! Ebay is like a hobby and not a full time 24 hours a day job for sellers! Come on Are you kidding me?
  15. Shocking!!!

    Glad she is not your winner..
    Hope the transaction would go smooth with someone unlike her!