Some eBay bidders are not real bright - rant

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  1. I don't mean to offend anyone here- because I'm SURE all the eBay ladies here are smart... :P

    But I just gotta rant. I recently sold an item on eBay. In the auction terms I stated I could not ship outside the United States. I got a question from a bidder asking about dimensions (which were clearly listed in the description) and also (get this) questioning a PURCHASE I made of a similar item months ago on eBay and wanting to know why I bought two items from the same designer within three months of each other. :rolleyes:

    I realize people worry about fakes but with my feedback profile, sales history and time on eBay, it's a no brainer that I don't sell fakes. I don't understand why some people feel the need to scrutinize what a seller has purchased legitimately- this just annoys me and it feels very nitpicky and invasive.

    Oh and the best part is this: This bidder was in Asia, which I would not ship an item to anyway. :rolleyes: Don't people READ????? :rolleyes:

    /END RANT!
  2. Hello, I Am New To This I Just Joined Today. But, I Will Tell You I Have Been On Ebay For About 8 Months. Some People Have Nothing Better To Do, People Who No Nothing About Authentic Bags Ask The Questions, And Have No Idea What There Talking About. I Have Also Come To The Understanding , That You Have All These Powersellers On There Clearly Selling Fakes And Nobody Says Nothing, Then You Have A Person Like Me Who Has Sold Several Authentic Bags, And People Give Me A Hard Time.
  3. Yep, I hear you annabell. I am just a hobby seller and sell bags I've carried a few times or other items like shoes. Occasionally I'll sell computer stuff for my husband. I am not one of these people who has ten of the same bag listed. But the bigger annoyance was the fact that this person did not READ the listing to see that I cannot ship to Japan. Maybe there was a language issue or something.
  4. Annabelle- That is not a completely accurate statement about the Powersellers selling Fakes- I have sold many items on Ebay including Coach, Brighton, Cole Hahn and Louis Vuitton- all from my own Personal Collection non of which were "FAKE" and I just got a powerseller logo against my name (which I wish I didnt have or asked for). I also personally know of other women who sell their personal collections to purchase other styles as well that have been branded "Powersellers"
  5. ^^^^I second that. I am a powerseller just due to the fact that I buy and sell items for my own personal use (would never, ever sell fake anything).
  6. ^^I agree. I am also recently a powerseller and I don't do it professionally, just my personal stuff, and I certainly don't sell fake stuff. All powerseller means is that you sell items worth a certain amount, so that could be 3 high-end bags.
  7. I buy & sell on ebay too, I have the powerseller logo too and have never sell anything fake! However, I could rant all day about some buyers. What's with the question if it doesn't sell would you consider an offer or I'll give you $50. Go to any department store and ask them the same question, they'll laugh you all the way out of the door. If you can't afford it don't buy it!
    My theory is if you don't want to pay $200 for a $700 pair of shoes then go to payless or buy used ones!!
  8. Roo, that is so frustrating! Westiegirl you make a GREAT point too. I think some Ebayers equate a seller with a retail store but want to be able to name their price too. Crazies:noggin:
  9. I myself have made several offers to sellers saying that if their item doesn't sell I'll offer such and such for it- and have gotten sizable discounts. Why pay more for something than you have to if no else will?
  10. I've found that some people simply just DON'T READ or follow directions. It's darn frustrating but it just cannot be helped. I feel that it is a buyer's responsibility to read everything and ask questions, just as it is a seller's responsibility to be as descriptive and informative as possible.
  11. Be careful with responding to that message - DO NOT reply from your email account, do it right in eBay.