Some e-Bay Sellers Are Clueless!!!

  1. To make a long story short I came across a brand new Silver Mirior Alma that some crazy seller sold for $1,299.00 what kind of nut would let that bag go so cheap when the retail is $2,250.00.
    All I can say is I hope it was a tPF member that snagged that item.The seller used the BIN option,if I had scene it sooner I would have purchased it for resale myself.Some sellers need to do their homework before listing their items:shrugs: .
  2. Spelling correction=should have written seen instead of scene:roflmfao:.
  3. are you sure it was real? It could have been an auction that was fishy and most buyers realized it.
  4. There are fakes of the miroir on eBay!
  5. The pictures the seller used were of a real Mirior Alma but you never know what you may end up with when you buy off of e-bay.I just noticed the seller is no longer registered,someone may have gotten screwed over or damn lucky.
  6. If it's eBay you can bet someone got screwed over. Sad to say.
  7. So....

    I happened to do a Google search, out of curiosity, for the Miroir Almas.....

    Apparently, you can buy some incredibly convincing AAA replicas for a mere $200.

    Sigh. Good thing you DIDN'T see it sooner. That seller made off with a ton.

    Just makes me sad.