Some details on the Fall line

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  1. Hi
    I just spoke to Ashley and Jackie....found out a couple things:

    Make Me Smile...only being offered in the midi size right now

    Whisper to Me Midi......strap drop is currently 7"...she can make it a bit longer if we'd prefer it that way (I'm thinking maybe 8 inches...the regular WTM has a strap drop of 9" and I think that would be too long)

    Hug Me...Jackie tried it on w/the messenger strap....said it falls at her hip

    Also, the current spring bag line may get restocks if there is interest....(I am considering a large stroke me in wine or possibly tan but need to get my medium stroke me first to be sure of the sizing)
  2. I would love for the WTM midi strap drop to be longer!!
  3. ^^ me too. It's mainly supposed to be worn messenger style but I like the option of wearing it on my shoulder (I think it would be similar to my Kooba Elisha)
  4. So the strap isn't long enough to fit on the shoulder? I would definitely like it to be longer. I need to know if the strap will be longer before I order b/c if it doesn't fit over the shoulder that will be a deal breaker for me. I am not a messenger strap kind of gal.
  5. Jackie was able to get it on, but I think she is smaller than I am, so it may be a tighter fit for me
  6. I can fit a 7" drop on my shoulder without a coat on. An 8" drop would be nice, though so I can wear it with jackets.
  7. I think Im the same...Im pretty sure I have a fabric summer bag w/a 7 or 7.5 inch drop....but it wouldnt fit with a coat
  8. ^^
    I agree, a 7 inch drop is all good without a jacket but it's so cold here come fall that I need the drop to be longer as I want this to be my fall/winter bag mostly.
  9. What exactly is the "midi" size? I'm still a newbie!
  10. This is probably a good place to add some notes about the Hug Me as well. I spoke with Jackie this morning, and she asked me to pass this along as she's gotten a lot of questions about the Hug Me pockets.

    She said the outside pockets of the bag on either side of the main compartment and run the entire length of the bag, sort of like an Indulge Me in reverse. (The Indulge Me has the fuschia-lined center area that opens with a magnetic strap and zipped compartments on either side.) The Hug Me has a zippered compartment in the center and fuschia-lined compartments on either side of the zippered one, fastened with a magnetic snap. She says the outside pockets are generously sized & very useful.

    Personally, I love that feature! Hope that helps everyone's decision-making.
  11. "Midi" is the size slightly smaller than the regular (larger) size.
  12. the more I hear about the hug me, the more I like it! I have to decide between black glossy and purple crash
  13. I know, I know, that's been my problem too! I did place an order for the black, but now I'm thinking of getting the purple too! Jackie really made it hard this time, didn't she???!! :hysteric::love:
  14. Jackie emailed me and thanked me for placing a preorder for the WTM midi in purple crash and said that the list is getting very long and that it is filling up fast for this bag.
  15. I'd like to see a drop of 8" instead of 7" on the WTM midi.