Some deeeep (as deep and LV can get ;) LV ponderings

  1. My grandmother (one of the biggest inspirations in my life in terms of fashion and values) always told me invest in classics and go cheap on trendy. I think this is one of the general overarching "rules" of fashion

    So when it comes to LV LE lines, you think it would unwise (at least going by this logic) to spend more on something trendy when there will be a brand new batch of (IMO) overpriced LEs next season. Granted some LEs like the mirage speedies are just updated take on a classic bag. But there are some bags where the price begs the question is it really the cost of materials or exclusivity.

    I think it would be wise of LV to maybe make classic bags such as the Speedy, Alma, Papillon ect. maybe slightly more expensive but invest in better craftsmenship. I much as I hate to admit, its my string opinion that mono bags are really "pumped out" for the masses, and while they are very durable and high quality, do not get the same attention to detail as LEs. Or that problems that could later be noticed in a Speedy 30 would be weeded out in a more expensive bag. But why? Aren't you (by LVs logic) paying for the quality in a 700$ bag as in a 7,000$ bag. I think not.

    Granted LEs have their problems too. I think they do not have entirely adequate to sufficiently test the materials in they time they have to design and construct them. Whereas new permanents introductions IE Neverfull they have all the time in the world.

    I've probably had a lil too much coffee. LOL I'd love to here everyones opinions on this subject.
  2. :goodpost:love what your grandmother told you!

    I'm too sleepy to have anything to say about the purpose of this thread. lol :sleepy:
  3. Aww thanks. I :heart: my Gammy. Get some sleep. Love to hear what you have to say tmrw.
  4. Hmm. Very interesting. First of all Love what your grandmother told you, I literally live by that, as far as fashion goes. I completley agree with your points. I do think that LEs are made with higher quality materials, and possibly better craftsmenship, because there are much fewer being made, and they are made for a short period of time. At the same time, unless you are getting an exotic, I do not think that the money we pay for such items is really because of the materials. I think it has more to do with the exclusivity of the items. And as far as the permanent items are concerned, I do believe that they are made extremely well. Maybe they could be made with thicker, or richer materials, but the materials that they use have truly stood the test of time. My bf says that the only thing that has us all goin crazy over LV is the fact that they found greatest the right materials that would allow thier handbags to last for decades.
  5. i hope to be like your grandmother someday.. passing wisdom to grandchildren not just about life but also about fashion! maybe that's why i love coco chanel so much, so ahead of her time and ever a lady! my granny's also my biggest inspiration esp when it comes to handling problems, but she's a rubber shoes and shades kinda granny.. not really into LV but lots of wisdom on other things..

    i agree with you,i think LEs are made in a shorter timeframe, thus, its usually not as well thought-of as a regular item..but an improvised regular like the mirage is genius!
  6. I am with you on this. I don't have a lot to judge by, but comparing my Mirage Speedy and my Damier Speedy, there are definitely differences. The Mirage is of better construction - more solid zipper, feels "sturdier," more detailing, etc. Don't get me wrong - the Damier is very well made, but there is a difference.

    Now, I think there should be some differences given the variation in price, but I agree that it would be nice to have some of the classics made with the materials/construction of the LEs, although certainly the price would be higher.
  7. I think things were made better years ago, before they started the LE crazy.
    I know my wallet and eyeglass case are almost 30 years old and are still in good condition after being used all the time
  8. wow, that is pretty deep ... and your grandmother is one smart cookie, LOL!

    Yeah, I pretty much stay with the classics or what I personally think will be classic and timeless. As much as I love the LE's ... I like the idea of being able to use my bag years from now and it not be dated KWIM?
  9. I live by what your gram says as well in terms of clothing. I do love my LE LV pieces though. I will never part with my mirage speedy or denim patchwork speedy. I'm a total speedy nut though and they suit my lifestyle.
  10. I think that buying is a gamble in some ways.

    If you buy an old classic you are getting pretty much what you expect. It has stayed in style in a timeless sort of way and will probably be in style season after season (grammy is so right!). With the LE's you can never really be sure whether the style or material will be something that you will want to be seen with in a month or two (who knew happy little cherries would be so popular!). The gamble is whether you will get an LE that will stand the test of time or not- and you PAY big bucks to play that game.

    I think the only time it's actually unwise to buy a higher priced LE is if you can't afford it or if you don't like it and you're ONLY getting it b/c it's LE (unless you collect)!

    It also follows that LE's haven't been proven - the company has just had to pay their team to create a new bag instead of just pumping out another mono. That and materials do elevate the price. In the case of say T&B, I think the added cost of the screening is justified, IMHO. In other cases you are paying for exclusivity.

    Of course, being a member of tpf helps you to know ahead of most of the general population what is really loved and what is just a passing fad...:tpfrox:
  11. Love what your gram told you. Great advice that I try to live by.
  12. It's just a business like any other. Sale figures and profit is still the main thing, and Lv corporate guys, and marketing staff sure know as hell that people would still buy an lv if they've doubled the price, cuz in fashion, the price isn't as important as the design or status. People pay and will always pay the price. Plus a high price makes people think that its exclusive blablabla while the actual cost of making a bag would be seven percent of the price. A lap of canvas costing ten bucks, and a strip of croco leather, costing like twenty bucks, makes a very desirable bag.
  13. When you buy LE, IMO, is when you really buy the LV style (exclusivity, luxury, expensive!)
    The traditional bags are for the masses.
    LV used to be super luxury brand, but I think it's becoming too commercialized
    - still like LV though -:yes:
  14. Great points. Buying LEs is def a gamble in terms of what in a few years will be dated or will be a classic (or even the point of envy)
  15. paying much more for something that is seen as trendy compared to the classic mainstays is what luxury is all about. if one can afford it, why not?