Some deals at Off 5th, Leesburg Corner

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  1. They had one Bark Sophia left - it was 20% off of $499. They also had 2 Maroon small Multipockets in the glass display case, also $499 and 20% off. There were 2 pushlock card cases for $120-something but no discount.

    I tried on the small MP but it was just a tad too small for me.

    HTHS! :yes:
  2. Thanks for posting!
  3. Liya,
    What bag is your icon? Large MP? Which color? It's beautiful! :smile:
  4. What bag.lover said! ;)

    Thanks Dawn, glad you like it! And I love your new Sophia!
  5. 499 + 20% off is a great price! thanks for posting... (although i can't possibly buy another bag now)
  6. me either, but I hope somebody grabs those maroon MPs, I have an amethyst and I use almost everyday... Love it!! It's my favorite MJ bag.
  7. Ooooh I really like the Maroon and I like the small MP better than the large. Do you happen to have the number to the Leesburg Off 5th?
  8. Oooh, I had no idea that there was an Off 5th so close to me!! I may have to get down there this week...
  9. LoracNJ - The number is (703) 443-9700. My original post was over 2 months ago, so I don't know if they will still have them. I hope they do! :smile:

    Syma Younus - That auction looks authentic from those pictures, but I would ask for close-ups of the name plate and zippers. :yes:
  10. PLEASE POST ALL MJ SALES in the MJ SALE thread only!
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