Some damages I did...

  1. :P

    My dear SA informed me that the bearn that i ordered arrived. So of course, i went on and took a look. It was the regular bi-fold in chevre mysore, but it was Havanne. Not exactly the color i was looking for. She took out a few other bearns for me to choose from and there were a lot of choice !!! fushia in chevre and ostrich, ante vernis in ostrich, some tri-folds, potiron chevre and a lovely brighton blue bifold. I was attracted to the beautiful ante vernis ostrich but my bf hates the dots on the skin, he likes the potiron much more. Since ostrich is out of the picture now, i was debating between the blue and potiron. But the potiron is too lovely to be left. So... the little thing went home with me.

    I also got the cute hippo in pal and my SA recommended a lovely long silver chain to hang it as a pendant.
    all.jpg bearn_1.jpg bearn_2.jpg hippo2.jpg heart.jpg
  2. Cannot upload more pics in the first post, so let me do it here.

    Then i strolled to the Chanel next door and was instantly attacted to the little clutch in this deep plum color. Such a rich shade of purple. I asked if there is anything in white since i am generally loves a purse in white but it was all sold out nationwide, so i got this purple one, figure that it matches up black pretty well in case of any parties i need to go :shame:
    silver_chain.jpg bearn_2.jpg sunny1.jpg DSC_4171.jpg DSC_4175.jpg
  3. Great Picks and Pics.
  4. HBB--LOVE your loot! Great picks. I adore my Bearn and hippo! And I love that Chanel clutch! Great pictures--thanks for sharing. I love a good shopping day!
  5. Great loot!!! I love the colors and the hippo is just adorable.
  6. wow...I like everything you got. beautiful colors
  7. YES!!!!! HBB, all wonderful picks!!!!! I had that very same Chanel clutch in black lambskin.....very roomy inside!!!! And I love that little hippo.....I think that one's next for me since it seems I'm gonna have to chuck a lung to find the Pelican and/or Lion!!!!

    Everything is gorgeous!!!!!!
  8. Wonderful loot HermesBB. The color of the bearn is amazing and that hippo is SOO cute!

    Great Chanel buys too :heart:
  9. Love your spree.....

    LOVE LOVE LOVE everything that you bought!!!

    You have great taste ;)
  10. wow such great buys!! love the potiron bearn and purple chanel, great colors!!
  11. OMG!!!:nuts: I love EVERYTHING you bought!!!:love:
  12. I love the Chanel - beautiful color!
  13. Wow great haul! Enjoy the goodies - love the sunnies and clutch too!
  14. Great stuff! I love the little hippo!
  15. Thanks EMNH, orchids, rose, cxyvr, mello_yello_jen, wellow, diana, LV_addict, cascherping, shoe, sasa and everyone.

    Shopmom: Yes, i remember ur Chanel clutch. It was gorgeous. I was told both the black and white are sold out nationwide. U r lucky to score one. BTW, I am trying to find the pelican as well.