Some cute new earrings for Spring!!!

  1. I bought these last week, they are a nice size too. They're pink, but more of a salmon pink color. Retail was $230

  2. oh how sweet!! goes really well with a pink medium flap!! :yes:
  3. Very cute!
  4. adorable!
    How about a modeling pic :smile:
  5. Very cute! :love:

    Where did you find them? Did they have any other pink Chanel heart jewelry? I just love the hearts w/logo style!:yes:
  6. Cute!! :yes:
  7. there are cute for spring.
  8. very cute Dawn!!
  9. These are very cute-congrats!
  10. awwww! so cute! thanks for sharing!
  11. cute- love the color and the heart
  12. I got them at Chanel In Short Hills NJ. Not sure if they had anything else with pink hearts, I didn't really look. But give them a call, they just got a new shipment of costume jewelry!
  13. Congrats! I have them in Black, but pink is sooooo cute~
  14. ^oooh! black sounds really cute too!
  15. adorable! great color!