Some cute agenda refills

  1. I found these refills which will fit small agendas (mini size) or medium (bible size) from aranzi aronzo. Ladystara & I just ordered a bunch of stuff from the website.


    Here is the link for the online shop. Scroll down.
  2. Cute, thanks for the link!
  3. cute thanks :smile:
  4. Aww how cute. Thanks!
  5. OMG! thank you thank oyu thank you SO much! Those are sehr cute! Iv'e been looking for cute ones. I only have regular filo fax.
  6. We got a bunch of different ones and will mix them up and share them. The shipping is a bit high (just under $10) from Japan, so we will share it. The stuff is pretty inexpensive though. I love the address pages and daruma pages! The monthly refills are great to mix in with the weekly.
  7. cute!! thanx..
  8. thanks :smile:
  9. lol, that always irritates me when I see one German word in the middle of all English :nuts:
  10. Thank you, they are very cute! Any for small agendas, not mini?
  11. The "mini size" on that web site fits small agendas.
  12. :biggrin: I can't wait for them to get here!!