Some Crocodile Eye Candy for my tPF buds....

  1. Well, here she is, the most incredible black Crocodile Work bag I have ever had the pleasure of holding in my hands. With Shiny silver hardware to boot!! Imagine my excitement, I mean disappointment, when my 17 HS Senior said, "college is not for me"?!?!!? :roflmfao: I asked several days in a row if he was sure about his decison.....OK then, Moms got a college fund to spend!! :roflmfao::roflmfao:


    Balenciaga Black Crocodile Work bag 001.JPG
  2. excuse me while i drool :drool: that is gorgeous!!! Congrats.
  3. WOW:nuts:! Love the hardware. Sorry about your son, but I'm sure this will help cheer you up!
  4. I want to ask how much $$$. Though i hate to be tacky!

    Anyway, how much!
  5. Thanks ahertz - I was kidding about the college thing. He's going even if I have to beat him with my bag!! Umm....Not this one though!! :roflmfao:
  6. Wow... just wow!!
  7. wow!!!!:drool::drool:
    congrats :smile:

    he should be proud to have such a fashionable mom :biggrin:
  8. omg! amazinnnggg.. and is it wrong that i find it hilarious that you spent your son's college fund on a bag? hahahah
  9. Never seen one before! Very elegant.

    And one thing, as a University student myself, I know college isn't necessarily for everyone! There are tons of educational choices aside from strictly a college degree that can lead to fascinating and profitable jobs - good luck to both of you!
  10. You crazy girl! :roflmfao: Yes, please beat him with a DIFFERENT bag!!!
  11. I am speechless!!!!!!!!!! :wtf::drool::nuts::drool:

  12. You're hilarious!:lol:
  13. It's simply divine!!! So gorgeous!!!!
  14. PURSE!!!!!! now that you have your croc bag.... I can have the others ? :graucho: hahaha whOO... croc's not my thing.. but cONGRATS!!!! u better hide that one really well in your tent!!!
  15. W:drool:W! That is some awesome bag!