Some concerns about my 07A black reissue w/GH

  1. I finally decided to waitlist both the regular black and the metallic black, and choose one after see them IRL in person. This afternoon I received the blk w/ GH 226. It is so gorgeous, I love the leather, the size,and the GH. I love the sharper look of reissue compared with classic flap.

    But I noticed something that keeps bothering me:
    1. The gold color on the clasp sort of ...mmmmm....faded away?? I don't know how to describe it, please refer to the pic below. Are clasps of brand new bags supposed to be covered by some kind of film? But I noticed thegraceful1's bag also had no film, is that a common practice of Chanel?
    2. The bottom of the bag looks like bing folded, so when I wear the bag I can actually see the bottom" falling down", like I have put too much stuff in it. Is that also normal?
    3. The price tag is not attached to the bag, instead it was placed inside the pocket. My SA told me this was the last one the boutique had, now I can't help wondering whether this one is a display bag.
    I really need your advice! TIA!


  2. pics are not showing up..
  3. hi Joyfishyu well I can't answer your first question since I don't own a reissue with G/H... yet! but about the folding in the bottom I've noticed most reissues do that including my 225! when you put your stuff in it doesn't show that much though!!!Concerning the tag ...well when I got mine the tag was also inside since it was on display and the last one too!I didn't care since I got it from the C boutique and it was in an excellent condition!In fact it never occured to me that it might be a return or used for the customers to try it on it just didn't show that! Maybe the faded away look on the lock:idea: is something similar to the silver tarnished H/W that they're releasing now such as that on the black metallic reissue or on the new chain I hope this is the case! otherwise this is a gorgeous bag! :yes:
  4. All original reissues are folded -- that's how they are meant to be. And as chanelspell said, the silver hardware is definitely matte looking - the bag is supposed to look a bit old I think. You might be better off with a regular flap.
  5. Hey I can't see the pics either but thought I'd give my two cents' worth since I also own an 07A black reissue with gold hw. I wouldn't worry too much about 1 and 2 cos mine are the same. A friend just asked me today whether the gold on the clasp was supposed to be that faded. I told her I thought it was probably deliberately "tarnished" to add to the vintage look. I was a bit concerned about the bottom of the bag being folded at first, but now that I read your post, I think maybe it's supposed to be that way? Adds to the whole distressed, vintagey look maybe?
  6. Hi ladies, I was worried about the 'faded gold' on the plate of the turnlock too, since mine was a 2005 version which i bought recently at the consignment shop, I thought it was because it has been around for 2 yrs already.....if it's the same for the 2007 black reissues..I am totally relief now... thanks.
  7. I just got my brand new never out of the box 07A black 226 Reissue yesterday. :yahoo: It is drop dead gorgeous. The clasp on mine had no plastic covering and is also sort of distressed gold - just like yours. That is the design of the bag. Also, none of my Chanels have had plastic covering on the hardware, although sometimes the big CCs on a zipper (like the expandable) are wrapped in paper. Although the Classic is beautiful (I own a white jumbo caviar) I love the leather of the reissue.
  8. I have a black with gold 225. It's suppose to be antique/distress look.
  9. Thank you all for your responses! I feel so relieved!

    Here is me with my first (although still can't decide which to get and have to wait till I receive the metallic black, but I am totally in love with reissue! ). I hope you should have no problem see the pics now~~ =)


  10. I have this bag in the anniversary version (2005). The hardware is meant to look vintage and the bottom definitely has a fold. It's beautiful! Enjoy!:heart:
  11. Beautiful bag and it looks great on you!!
  12. Regular black Reissue is absolutely gorgeous. You look great with it too, it's a keeper. =)
  13. WOW Joyfishyu it looks stunning on you :nuts:IMO the silver tarnished H/W don't make a nice contrast with the black metallic leather!I think your black with the G/H puts the black metallic to shame!:yes:
  14. looks great on you! the bag does comes folded. there is a picture that was posted that shows the bags does come like that. it was photo of a CHANEL show with the models holding the grey issues and they were all folded.
  15. I had no idea that the bottom of the bag on reissues were folded. Thanks for clearing this up ladies.