Some color to brighten my day and my bag...

  1. I've been having some tough times so I called my SA and put some goodies on hold. My hubby went to pick them up for me and somehow only came home with one. Well, he got sooo :busted and will be driving back to get the other one today. He ROCKS!

    In the meantime here's my newest accessory on my denim baggy. Took close ups so you could see the plate inscribed with Louis Vuitton in script. That's my favorite part of it!

    I'll post more pix of it on some other bags (let me know if you have any requests) as well as my other goodie when I get it....that'd be in like 8 hours! LOL
    fleurs key chain.jpg fleurs key chain2.jpg
  2. How pretty is that! I love it and your husband is great!
  3. ahhh, love the colors!! and your husband is sooooo swt!! :tup:
  4. OMG riley, that's so cuteee! The colors are so fun and mesmerizing, it looks awesome. Hope you are feeling better *hugs* :heart:
  5. It looks GREAT on denim!!! :drool:
  6. how cute! congrats:biggrin:
  7. so cute, congrats!
  8. I love all the colours and the denim is a nice neutral to set them all off!
  9. I love it.It really looks nice
  10. its SO cute, i love this charm! thanks for the pics
  11. So Cute!
  12. I showed the b/f this today :smile: i'm hoping he took the hint *hehehe* what is the retail on this ?

    It looks nice on the denim.. congrat's.
  13. Hawaii's retail is 210 so Contintal US is prob. 225-240. FYI, it is a rather large key chain Length from charms to top of key holder is 4.5 " and length of charms itself is 3". Width is about 1.25" for largest charm.
  14. Very cute I love it can't wait to see the new arrival!
  15. Congrats!!!