Some chloe deals at NMLC Discovery Mills

  1. Neiman Marcus Last Call Discover Mills has some pretty good deals on chloes. Talk to Rosita at Phone (678)847-5777
    $777.JPG $1352-20%.JPG Betty $644.JPG Croc Edith $4807.JPG Maggie $1013.JPG
  2. one more
    Silverado $681.JPG
  3. ooh - I want all of them!! Thanks for posting Mona!
  4. Its a really interesting group of bags isn't it!
  5. A croc edith - wow!!! Thanks for posting!
  6. OMG she must have gotten in a new shipment! I was in around 11am today and they had NONE of those bags! Darn it!
  7. I really do love them all! If I had the dough that croc Edith would be mine. I can't believe a thing like that ended up at Last Call! But I guess it is a weird combination - Ediths are not really sophisticated. They are more edgy and hip mixing a schoolgirl sort of charm with a twist of punk or something. But the crocodile comes from that grown up lady perspective. I already have a chain handled Betty in patent or else I would so be going there. The evening bag is TDF. The yellow Silverado looks so cool. Don't let me start dialing - okay..
  8. Like everyone, I want them all. Oh, the croc Edith, hold me back........I have that chain Betty, and she is wonderful. Wonder if that Maggie has working hardware. Wonder how much that Edith is?? I wonder if I could win the lottery??

    Oops....Just realized that if I rollover the pics, the prices appear.
  9. Wow, great bags. Thanks for posting!!
  10. your the best! I bet you hear that a lot
  11. I Want That Betty
  12. lanasyogamama, that's a good price on that Betty, I bought the same one last year, it was the same price, but that price was with a 20% discount. There is also a current discount of 25%, I received an e-mail that I had to bring the coupon in for it to be honored. It was suppose to end on the 13th, but has been extended through the 25th. You might ask if they would honor a phone order.

    I'm so tempted with the Edith, but just can't go there, even with an additional 25% off--just too much for one bag.
  13. Yea, that Betty is at a great price! I got my black chain betty last year on sale for $869 I believe.

  14. I called and tried to use the 25% email coupon but they said these bags are exempt from that offer:tdown:
  15. I'm not really in the market for a new bag anyway, I'm in the bag ban club actually. But it's fun to dream!