Some Chanel Shoes pics

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  1. Enjoy!
    13642498811_0_ALB.jpg 82642498811_0_BG.jpg 33642498811_0_BG.jpg 53642498811_0_ALB.jpg 73642498811_0_BG.jpg
  2. some more
    64334498811_0_BG.jpg 24642498811_0_BG.jpg 15334498811_0_BG.jpg 75334498811_0_ALB.jpg 26334498811_0_ALB.jpg
  3. and more
    95334498811_0_BG.jpg 46334498811_0_BG.jpg 86334498811_0_BG.jpg 37334498811_0_BG.jpg
  4. Those are great, thanks for posting!
  5. Jill just had a shoe-gasm......ROFL..
  6. very beautiful. thanks for posting. i love the sandals.
  7. Can you handle some more?
    28571034811_0_BG.jpg 48571034811_0_ALB.jpg 88571034811_0_BG.jpg 39571034811_0_BG.jpg 59571034811_0_BG.jpg
  8. Lol
    79571034811_0_ALB.jpg 36682034811_0_BG.jpg 56682034811_0_ALB.jpg 76682034811_0_BG.jpg 96682034811_0_ALB.jpg
  9. how much is #3 and #7? TIA!:smile:
  10. I just bought #7! They are fab!! Price is $575+tax. #3, I think was about the same price.....
  11. These are great. I tried on the black on black ones and they are super comfy.

  12. I have these in Navy patent and love them:

  13. I love the flats in pic #5 but in black and beige. Thanks for posting!
  14. Thanks for posting! Those pics were a feast for the eyes! :love::love:
  15. Wow, I'm bummed, I have to say I'm not really crazy about any of them! Maybe I should go take my temperature...