some chanel questions

  1. hi there! i post on the lv threads mainly.

    i just bought a chanel at Saks in nyc. i bought a smaller quilted one in lambskin with the double chain in gold. i wish i knew the name of it- it's got 2 flaps and 3 pockets on the inside main compartment- 1 for lipstick. (forgive me if this is a horrible description) i want to use it as an evening bag.

    anyway when i bought it the SA showed me 2 bags and i picked the better one based on the outside. i didn't use it for the event i bought it for. when i took it out the next day to show my family i opened it for the first time and the inside was horribly scratched. i was shocked as this was brand new- it still had the tissue over the bottom on the outside.

    i brought it back to Saks tonight and they brought out the last one they had and it too was scratched. the SA told me that it was supposed to have felt over the inside flap and neither did. he told me that they would call me when a new shipment came in as those should have the felt and be perfect.

    so my questions: is this normal? is it hopeless to think i can get a perfect bag? should i just go to chanel and buy it rather than wait for Saks? (i don't actually need it now but i guess i'm asking if the ones at chanel itself might be better)

    and the last questions- what are the best styles to use as evening bags (and i suppose can be used for other occasions as well- that's why i chose this one rather than the single chain- it seemed like i could wear it more) and which is better/ more classic: gold or silver chains? my mom and i are still debating it. i like the look of the silver better but both she and i mainly wear gold jewlery.

    thanks and sorry this is so long! my mom bought the larger caviar black quilted bag with the gold double chain and now she's a convert! lol.
  2. Are you talking about the classic caviar bag from Chanel? Because they are convertable. One chain for double chain. I have had my classic caviar bag for 8 years now and it still looks brand new (I only use it for special occasions) I would say buy your bag at Chanel. They are alot more helpful and have better selection (atleast in Beverly Hills) I have the gold chain and I have heard you can get it replated at chanel if it tarnishes but it hasn't happen to me yet. Good luck.:yahoo:
  3. I love the classic caviar bag with silver chain....
  4. yes the classic that is convertable. my mom bought the caviar. i am buying the lambskin.
  5. Well if you plan to actually use the bag it's going to get scratched up even if you get a brand new one with the felt. So you must take that into consideration. I know we are all very picky here about our bags, but eventually they are handbags to be used and so I try to be less picky about those types of things - such as normal wear.
  6. no, i know that. i even told the SA that- i know it will get scratched with wear but i figure for the amount it is i would like it to be as close to perfect as possible to start with, kwim?
  7. I can empathize as I too am very picky about new bags. If they are eventually going to scratch I want to be the one to do it. A pre-scratched bag at these prices are unacceptable.
  8. Yes, I know what you mean. A lot of the lambskin bags I see at Chanel though already have some scratches from handling. They get handled at the factory when they are being made, so I suppose it's difficult for them to always be perfect.

  9. Totally agree!!!! :yes:
  10. If it was scratched, does that mean it was used, or tried out at home by someone else? How did the SA explain the scratches... and obviously the bags will stay in the store and be sold to someone else.

    I guess it's hard to let someone try out a bag and return it without some consequences.

    The one time I retuned a bag (I'm usually fairly positive when in the store that I'll be keeping it) the SA inspected it so carefully, inside and out, I started to worry that there might be a scratch from a previous customer who also had it for a day.
  11. he said a few of the inside scratches were from the zipper pull from the pocket on the inside flap (i know i'm not explaining it right). he said that's normal and will happen. i could see what he was saying and i know he's right but there were other scratches that were bad too.

    i don't know where they could have come from. the bags were brand new- still had the tissue that goes under the main flap where there is only a little hole to snap it shut, kwim? when i bought it i only inspected the outside- she showed me the inside on the floor model bag. i didn't even take it out of the box until 2 days after i bought it and then the first person i showed it to and i saw the scratches.