some cat lover advice please :)

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  1. since max died two months ago beauty (our 3 yr old white GSD) has become VERY attached to me,,,she follows me everywhere and although she used to sleep downstairs with max i now let her sleep with me upstairs in the bedroom. When my other dog Coco died a few years back max was devastated and pretty much right away we got Beauty (both for him and for me). I think that Beauty is def sad and missing a companion. Although I would LOVE to get another dog, right now it is not realistic for me to do so.
    So we are thinking of adopting a kitten. My question (after this elongated post LOL) is do you think that it is better to get one kitten or two?? I have had cats in the past and always as a single cat. Do the cat lovers out there feel that two from the same litter is better for the cats?? or is a single cat just as happy....
    i know that having another animal in the house will probably help beauty feel better (even the vet recommended a cat) ...i especially feel guilty when i have to go somewhere and she is alone...
    so ladies (and gents) two cats or one????

    as a added note: i want the cat to bond with beauty ...if there are two would they just bond together and ignore her??
    thanks again!!!
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    My boyfriend adopted a kitten for me almost 2 years ago when I moved out on my own for the first time. For a few months or so it was just me and Mika ( my cats name ) then I moved with my older sister who had 2 cats! I noticed she had changed a lot. She was more angry and always looking for more attention over the others. Now that I'm on my own again and its just me and her, she kind of does her own thing, she is much more loving and always finds ways to play on her own.

    On the other hand my mother has 3 kittens from the same litter and they get along great for the most part I also see sometimes they fight for attention over the others.

    Anyways, sorry for the long post but thats the experience I've had. Plus cats are a handful! Im happy with one.
  3. I am a huge believer in adopting 2 kittens at the same time! They don't necessarily have to be from the same litter either though littermates are obvioulsy very familiar with eachother. The reason for this is that the babies will play with eachother instead of annoying any older cats you may have. Also it has been my experience that single kittens who don't get a lot of interaction/attention tend to be more aggressive and stand-offish, so having a playmate really helps.

    The kittens will pay plenty of attention to Beauty, never fear! Kittens are very curious and playful. It's so funny to watch out latest batch of kittens playing with the older cats, now that the older cats have fully accepted them. Our more elderly cats will gallop around with their tails in the air and play "chase me" with the babies, or roll around on the floor playing "Greco-Roman wrestling" with them, it's too cute!
  4. I've always said that when my cat goes, I will replace her with two kittens at the same time. I just think they like the company.
  5. I have a cat that is almost 4 years old.. when my oldest daughter was born, we got a kitten to keep him company. They are BFFs now (there names are Mr. Big and Carrie, haha, but anyway), I don't think you really need to get 2 kittens unless you want to more. The first day Mr. Big hissed at Carrie and wasn't very friendly, but after 2ish days, they became very close. Now they'll sleep embracing each other, they bathe each other, it's so cute.

    Good luck with your decision!
  6. just cause i'm a cat lover i would say get 2 at the same time ;) not only will they bring eachother happiness they will bring some to you as well. because you'll get to experience them growing up together... playing together... sleeping together.... it will just make you smile!

    especially if you're thinking about getting a second one in the future (if you would just get one now) i would definitely get two of them at the same time. it will be much easier.
  7. thanks everyone!!!! i have decided to get two at the same rescue lady in my area has 3 from one litter who are 10 weeks old and spayed already with all the testing done and she also has 3 7 week old kittens for adoption. her fee is reasonable...
    then my pet "nanny" who cares for my hamster and fish when we go away has 4 kittens for adoption at the vet she works at...they are orange tabbys....
    hubby needed some convincing (lol) on the two but i think it the long run it will be better for the cats to have each other especially when they are young...then they also wont torture beauty too much in the kitten stage too (lol)....i will probably have a lot of supervision with the dog and keep them seperated when i am not home so that i can make sure beauty is adjusting well to they are so small i dont want her to hurt them by accident...
    i will be getting them next week so i will post pics!!
    if anyone has any other opinions or advice please let me know!!
    thanks again!!
  8. oh more question ,,,,,does anyone use the soft claw things for their cats?? i do not want to declaw cat from when i was 7 years old to 21 was declawed because back then it was what people did but i feel now it is cruel to them...but i have small children,,,3 and 2 years old,,,and dont want them to be scratched during does anyone know anything about those color soft claws and are they a good idea when the kittens are older?? (in addition to cliping obviously)
  9. ^^ if you search you should be able to find some good threads about the soft claws. they're mentioned quite a bit on here.

    can wait to see pics of your new babies! I was just at our local animal rescue website and there are so many cute little kittens for adoption! too bad i already have 4 and live in a small house. some day i'll live on a farm and be rich and adopt as many as i can :smile: ha